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Little River Light Station
Little River Island
Cutler, Maine – U.S.
N 44º 39′ W 67º 11′

“The Lighthouse Endeavor” is an Education and Preservation project that depends upon the residency of a single individual, attempting to be the first in the 164 year history of the most northeastern island lighthouse in the United States, to live alone for one year, for the sole purpose of creating a unique platform of on-site and distance-learning programming.  This will address a wide range of subjects from math and science to ecology and preservation, be universally accessible to educators, organizations and the public, provide a multimedia chronicle of his daily life on this remote island, and raise awareness and funding for the ongoing preservation of this lighthouse, and other lighthouses around the world.


One person will set out to be the first, in the 164-year history of the most northeast island lighthouse in the United States, to live alone, under exceptionally challenging natural and logistic conditions, in order to:

  • Establish a unique and globally available educational platform that serves teachers, non-profits and the public, providing on-site and distance-learning programming and opportunities, addressing a wide array of subjects ranging from ecology and preservation to math and science
  • Share a universally accessible chronicle of daily life on this remote island
  • Raise awareness and funding for Little River Light’s ongoing preservation, restoration and improved public access, as well as help build a working model for other non-profit lighthouses around the world
  • Increase public support for lighthouse preservation in general by calling attention to the endangered state of lighthouses globally, the pivotal role they played in the development of modern world commerce, architecture, engineering, technology and continental development, and the significant opportunity that exists for their relevant use in our future


Little River Light Station is a U.S. Coast Guard operating light and foghorn, perched on the ocean-side of a rocky, thickly forested 15-acre island. It protects the entrance to one of the last working lobstering villages in this country. It boasts the earliest sunrise (and sunset) in the U.S., as well as the greatest daily tidal swings approaching 17 feet. Established in 1847, it was the first Lighthouse on the East Coast and the third in the country to be transferred to a non-profit (under the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000). It had been listed as one of the “Ten Most Endangered Historic Properties In Maine” before its initial restoration effort began in 2002, and is now on the U.S. “National Register of Historic Places”. Its access is extremely limited, communication and water supply challenging, and endures some of the most treacherous weather in America. It is home to eagles, seals, and of course lobster, and is the place where the famous lighthouse poem “Brassworks” was written, which went on to be posted in almost every light station in the country.


The Lighthouse Endeavor will present a real-life and real-time context for on-site and distance-learning that educators and organizations can access on-demand, for singular learning experiences or for extended periods of teaching

It will deliver dynamic content via a broad array of online media including Facebook, Twitter, a blog and website, webcams, mobile apps, photos and streaming video

A variety of dedicated lesson plans will be developed providing turnkey learning opportunities, as well as strategic partnerships with numerous educational institutions and other organizations

It will present opportunities to address multiple disciplines including natural and applied sciences, history, ecology, marine biology, astronomy, engineering, meteorology, photography, mathematics, language arts, technology and ELL/ESL

The program will allow Little River Light for the first time, to provide both on-site and off-site value year-round (as opposed to only in the summer)

It has the potential to generate enormous publicity, understanding and new-found interest in lighthouses everywhere

The unprecedented endeavor to live here alone, year round, will provide uniquely compelling content and storyline


Friends Of Little River Lighthouse – a proven successful nine-year old non-profit organization that orchestrated the saving of this lighthouse, and has created myriad opportunities for the public, church groups, scouts and community organizations to experience and learn about Lighthouse life and history. Included in this group are two direct descendants of Little River Lighthouse Keepers
An Advisory Board that includes multiple educators, both the Publisher and Editor of Lighthouse Digest Magazine, Maine-based CEOs and executives, a retired US Coast Guardsman (who was stationed at Little River Light) and a Cutler resident and lobsterman

The American Lighthouse Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving American’s historic lighthouses. ALF was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Rockland, Maine. ALF and its chapters have stewardship responsibility for twenty-two of America’s lighthouses and has invested over $2.2 million dollars in lighthouse preservation over the past decade.

Bill Kitchen – (Program Director and Endeavor on-island resident) – is an award winning marketing and event executive who lived for 15 years on Manhattan and is now a licensed teacher in MA.. He is also an avid sailor, step-parent, photographer and artist, and has served as a volunteer Keeper at Little River Light for the last three seasons.  LinkedIn -


We are currently seeking monetary and in-kind tax-deductible contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations
A partial list of needed items you may have access to can be found at LittleRiverLight.org (coming soon)
Private donors will receive a gift of appreciation ranging from Little River Light apparel to signed prints to overnight stays with lobster dinner
Corporate Sponsor value opportunities include:

  • Exclusive posts and content for their website and social media accounts
  • Brand presence on LittleRiverLight.org and TheLighthouseEndeavor.com
  • Advertising space and advertorial placements in Lighthouse Digest magazine
  • Product placement, mentions and testimonials in the program’s social media posts and on-site
  • On-island photo and commercial shoots
  • Overnight stays for retreats and/or for giveaway via branded contests and promotions

STATUS AS OF 10.1.11

We are facing a deadline of November 1st to procure and install a pellet stove and a back-up generator, secure boat access without the dock and floats and raise a minimum of $20,000 seed money to launch the project
We have already raised over $4,000 in funds and services from private and corporate donors, prior to the distribution of this document
This includes contributions from Axiom Technologies, Lighthouse Digest Magazine and Machias Savings Bank
We have just secured internet connectivity on the island, a key to our being a viable educational property
We have received a private commitment to cover the cost of insulating the cellar (pipes, cistern, water heater, etc.) and expect that to be completed by mid October
A four-minute video sharing images of Little River Light and the island has been produced and can be seen here:


Washington D.C based filmmaker Sean Blue is scheduled to spend ten days on the island in October creating a short documentary film focused on the challenges of living alone on this island, the process of putting together an educational project of this scope, the rhythm of time and tides, and the life and culture of this remaining fishing village in the US
We have already established numerous EDU partners in MA and ME and are actively soliciting others
We have procured numerous existing “lighthouse-based” educational lesson plans and have begun building out the framework for our own

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