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Day 239, Thursday, May 31, 2012

“Trailers, Ferns, and more ‘But’” I worked for Norb today.  I should say I got to work for Norb today.  He is so very special.  I am blessed.  We built the deck on a flatbed trailer.  I got there first thing in the morning, and worked all day with him and Trav.  Stained it with [...]


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Day 238, Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

“Sick and Tired” I’m not feeling great.   Gotta wicked cold.  Working through it.   And have an opportunity to work for Norb tomorrow at 6:30, so have to go to bed early.   Sean is not coming back, and Zina is on a plane.       Nick caught a small halibut, 70 lbs [...]

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Day 237 – Tuesday, 29th May, 2012

It’s been an odd couple of days.  Lots of people here, which is weird.  Sean, Zina, Kurt and Carol Harrington, Taylor, Tyler and Colbath, Warner and Drouin.  Been out working with Bob, F/V Patriot, and his wonderful wife, Michelle.   Squirrels.  It’s Memorial Day, and the flag is, and has been at half staff, a [...]

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Day 234 – Saturday, May 26, 2012

“Help, Host and Lots Of Visitors, and Working or Helping” I smell like bait.   It’s an acquired taste of a smell.  I worked hard.  For Bob, Fortin, Captain of the F/V Patriot.  We went out this afternoon, for what turned out to be five hours, setting traps, baiting, and laying long lines for halibut. [...]

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Day 231 – Wednesday, May 23, 2012

“Light Post” The day was draped in sea smoke, drenched in a weighty and wet humidity, and dappled  with dampening showers.  Stunningly beautiful, and mesmerizingly enchanting.       Not the best day to hang laundry on the line, but no matter.  There was lots to do to prepare for my first guests of the [...]

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Day 230 – Tuesday, May 22, 2012

“Of Mice and Men” I was away for a few days, for my nephew Chase’s Confirmation.  Happy to be home, in Cutler.  And it’s been a thick and foggy day, all day.  The lobsters have still not arrived, and many a fisherman is saying that this is the harbinger of this year’s spring.  They’re not [...]

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