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Day 86 – January 1, 2012

“Happy New Year et Bonne Annee”

This will be a brief post.  The sun rose here first, in the US.  I am incredibly thankful for all of the hundreds of emails.  I am deeply grateful for the interest and support, and especially for those of you who have said that sharing this experience is worthy.  Busy week coming up, I’m sure for all of us.  Here’s a nice New Years poem, that I want to believe is all about Lighthouses and is from Scotland,  handed me from my Step-Mom, Ruth.  Thanks.  Much more in tomorrow’s.  I hope you are filled with wonder and blessings, and of course health in the New Year.  Kind of crazy to be alive in 2012, if you’re over 30…



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  1. royane says:

    Hey Billy, did you get my email? One came back to me. Forgot the period before “com”.
    How come no more entrys here after Jan. 1st? R


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