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Day 90 – Thursday, January 5, 2011

“Waving Or Drowning”

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been here a quarter of a year already, and that does not include having spent much of the summer here as well although that was with Deb and the kids, island guests and friends.  It was rare to be here alone then.   And it’s hard not to have some mixed emotions about it, the last three months I mean.  But I am proud to have gotten The Lighthouse Endeavor to this level, a mere scribble on one of my myriad white 3×5 cards while making the seven-hour drive back to Massachusetts one long, hot-for-Maine day in August.  When I returned a few days later Kathy handed me the  monthly Tide Sheet for September she had finished printing in her office less than an hour earlier.  She also, surprisingly, handed me each of the remaining months, through March.  I remember thinking then that that, was a sign.  Life goes fast.  Especially when you’re alone.

It certainly could not have happened without the support, dedication, conviction and goodwill of many many people, and a number of companies.  And while we are poised to embark on this project’s second phase of an even brighter focus on education and preservation having solved most but not all of the logistic challenges of a soloed island winter, its future remains uncertain.  We are still scrambling for additional funding and sponsorship.

I have spent the better part of the last two of those 90 days however dealing with a website that had crashed, leaving me unable to edit anything much less make a Journal post.  With some help from my friend Russell Hirshon  (thanks) and a hired gun, by 7:30 this evening the issue was resolved, hence the “new look”.  Some kinks still need my working out and some other improvements remain.  Thanks for the patience.  (Below a once-every-few-months US Coast Guard “Drive-By” — and always pretty cool.)





The sudden cold snap of sub-zero bitters came and went, as did the Quadrantid meteor shower, which for the the short stint I spent laying on the stiff and unyielding catwalk, wrapped and bundled as much as I could bring myself to having just risen from a two hour nap at 3 am, was for twenty starry minutes, worth the pre-dawn effort.  I saw a solid sixteen “speeders” as my Mom likes to call them, and as I shivered back to bed I stole one last shot of this so-often breath-sucking sky out my favorite window in the kitchen…and saw one more.  I’ve never seen a speeder from indoors before.  Don’t think many people have.

The next day the winds were shifty and the sea, while of above-average size, was slow, lumbering and lazy-looking.  I know the deception that lies within those waves though.  If a moose fell on you it’d still most probably kill you.  And while we’re on the subject of deception, I’ve determined that it takes a trained eye to tell the difference between frozen blueberry waffles, and frozen blueberry waffles with mold.  I have that kind of eye…

Here’s a not wholly unusual shot of a fisherman’s glove that was most probably blown off one of the lobster boat’s crate tables or one of three sun-bleached weigh-scale floats that are solidly anchored in Little River Harbor.  Waving or drowning.  I often wonder…



Thanks for reading, it’s nice to be back.  As always, sharing this site is one of the best ways you can support The Lighthouse Endeavor.  I’ll keep the Light on.  Good Enuf.

(Below, January scalloping off Little River Island.)


15 Responses to “Day 90 – Thursday, January 5, 2011”

  1. Dave says:

    Glad to see that the sea is willing to” lend a hand” albeit so cold it has turned blue. Very much like the new format. Seems very user freindly. Stay warm and God bless.

  2. Kelly Anne Loughery says:

    Hi Bill~ Love the new website look! I think you are like a person who has lost one of the senses; the other senses become heightened. For you, without the company of other humans, you have developed a keen ability to see your surroundings as your companion and to appreciate the beauty that lies in the smallest of details. It is a gift.
    Happy New year to you and stay warm!
    Regards from New Brunswick~
    Kelly Anne

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      wow kelly anne, that is a very insightful way of looking at it. i love it. happy new year to you too and stay in touch.

  3. Jerry Metz says:

    Thanks for the wonderful comments in your Journal, Bill, and for the sacrifices you are making in order to be able to be witness to the wonders of nature in that isolated spot.

    Here’s a puzzle to play with if you find yourself with time on your hands.
    You have a simple balance (two pans, a board, and a fulcrum) and eight identical billiard balls, all the same weight except for one which is a little heavier. You get to use the balance only two times in an effort to identify the heavy ball. Can it be done? How?

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      jerry, thanks for all your support. loved having you here. so fah, no time on my hands. in fact, not nearly enough, but when i do, i’ll let you know! again thanks!

  4. Susan Hoffman says:

    What a fabulous way to bring in 2012. You’re a truly amazing young man. So happy your Mom let me know about your journey. I will continue to follow your Journal. I send you love and good luck. Sooz

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      hi susan!!! what a treat to hear from you. and sooo glad you are following this. please stay in touch and i wish you and family lots of love! love billy

  5. Rick Daigle says:

    Hello-I think it’s cool what you are doing with the Lighthouse Endeavor project. I volunteered at Little River LH in August of 2007. My job that day was to powerwash the pump house. I had a great day that day working with Hal and ?(I believe his name is Ray). I have only dreamed about what you are doing-that’s why I think it’s special. I have yet to stay overnight @ Little River LH- my son is 6, so maybe when he is 12, we’ll come up to visit. Keep the light burning bro!


    p.s. love the journal

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      thanks rick. would love to have you back here. yes, it was hal and ray. unfortunately ray just passed away. his was a great friend to LRL. please stay in touch rick, so great to have you be a part of this.

  6. How, exciting, Bill. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us! Thoughts and prayers are with you in this endeavor. I look forward to reading future entries.

    Sherrie Kostura

  7. Happy New Year, my friend. I’ll snail-mail the book to you soon.

    Ellen Bigenho Spain (formerly of Great Duck Island)

  8. Candela says:

    you are definitely a great writer, i will follow you.


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