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Little River Open House Is Coming

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Day 285

Things have never been busier on this island. At least not when I’ve been here. Guests on almost every night, and visitors almost every day. We’ve already had more day visitors so far this year than in the last couple of years combined! Full preparations are underway as we prepare for our first Open House of the season covering the Tower, Keeper’s House, Boathouse, Pavilion, gift merchandise, and the Grounds. Lots to do, and new guests coming tomorrow for a couple of days.

My laptop is out of space and is crawling. It also means I cannot upload any of the close to 1,000 pics that now reside on my camera’s memory card. This also means that I don’t have access to the last week or so of photos. I’ll get this worked out and post them when I can. In the meantime, here’s a snap from a previous Open House.

The Open House is this coming Saturday the 21st. Boats will begin leaving from the Cutler Town Boat Landing at 11am to take visitors to the 15-acre island, where they can tour the restored keeper’s house, climb the tower, hike the trails and enjoy sea songs performed by local musicians. Dogs and drinks will be provided as well as a wide selection of gift merchandise will be available.

In case you didn’t know, this historic 1847 lighthouse, which is now on the National Register of Historic Places, was listed in 1996 by Maine Preservation as one of the state’s 10 most endangered historic properties. Visitors to the lighthouse should be prepared to get their feet wet while boarding and getting off boats. Small children must have their own life jackets. All of this is weather permitting, but it’s looking great. For more info go to

I want to thank the members of the Castine Yacht Club for coming by, and also for showing me some of the most beautiful wooden sailboats I’ve ever seen. Please come again! And as usual, Tim and Kathy for helping move and paint the picnic tables, a wonderful contribution from our friends at EBS. And here’s a few other snaps…

The Bell clangs. The Foghorn sounds. And the Light is on.


2 Responses to “Little River Open House Is Coming”

  1. Cheryl Crigger says:

    Dear Bill, Sounds like you’ve been really busy getting ready for the weekend. So good to read that you’ve been having lots of visitors & from the sound of it, you may have more this weekend for open house than you might expect since you’ve already been having more than last couple of years.
    Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with laptop space, good luck with that-hope you don’t lose your pics & that you have a few extra memory cards.
    Good luck this weekend & have fun.
    Cheryl Crigger
    Columbus OH

  2. Cheryl Crigger says:

    PS to previous email-great pics, as usual, especially “best seats in the house” & the moon rising over the island.


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