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Seasons rarely change with a bang, like our calendar portends. More often they slide, slither, accumulate, move, slip into one another, become one, a changeling-thing, crawl, morphing, overtaking, fluidity, play-fight, discuss it, try to sort it out, acquiesce, one fights and the other, the one currently in place,, ultimately loses, and goes sometimes kicking and screaming, other times whining a little, and on occasion just, and simply, goes away quietly, and finally… they change the covers. And agree to another year.

Autumn is approaching.
Her breath is already at my door.
Sometimes, I actually think I can see her.
I welcome her.
She’s my favorite.
But I don’t yet invite her in.
I tell her it’s not yet time.
She’s early.

Sailboats continue to come into the harbor for the night.
Guests are gone, it seems.
Day visitors continue.
The moon is waxing.
I remain thinking, especially now, of those that lived in, and kept this house.

The Bell clangs, the Horn sounds, and the Light shines. Good Enuf.


4 Responses to “Autumn”

  1. Epona says:

    I have a question am I the only one seeing a big red rectangle at the bottom of this latest posting?

  2. Cheryl Crigger says:

    Epona, no you’re not the only one, I wonder what’s up with that? What do you say, Bill?
    Bill, I’ve been wondering, what kind of hummingbirds have you been getting? We have Rubythroated here in Columbus OH & unfortunately, they’ll be leaving probably later this month. It’s starting to get cooler at night, but still plenty warm during the day & that usually means they’ll leave not too long after it’s cool at night. I always miss them & look forward to seeing them in the Spring.
    By the way, how much longer to you get to stay at the light? Have really enjoyed reading your posts & seeing your pic & will miss them when you’re done. I’m glad you’ve had success with your Endeavor, do you think you’ll do it again?

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      i don’t know what kind of hummingbirds they are. and i only had the yellow finches here for a few days. glad you have enjoyed the posts and pics. and yes, i do think i’ll do it again. stay tuned. maybe at another lighthouse, but i would like to continue the Endeavor. thanks for following, and commenting.


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