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August Beginnings

Friday, August 3rd, 2012
Day 331

I have returned from a necessary trip to MA, my first time out of the state in months. It required a rental car, as my catalytic convertor failed about 45 minutes out of Machias. Big thanks to all at Johnson’s Automotive for once again rescuing me in my hour of need. Funny, but so much of life is about helping others, when they need it…

I got into Cutler Village last night around 8, in as thick a fog as I have seen. Captain Bob Fortin, F/V Patriot, was on the weigh float, checking his catch…still. It was dark, damp, and wet. I noticed driving back through Maine that there were numerous places, roadside signs, advertising lobsters as cheap as $2.50 a pound. I’m sure you’re not seeing that in your restaurant, or your grocery store, because the dealers are still making the money. But that’s cheaper than chicken, pork, steak, and ground beef. And while the fishing is getting a bit better, the dock price that they’re being paid is not. Bob gave me a couple, and Captain Nick Lemieux, F/V Phantom did the same today. I am very grateful.

Wild Maine Blueberries, the #1 State in the US for wild blueberry production has started. I’ve shared a snap of some pickers headed out last night. This is how they wind up on your table. I don’t think people think enough about how things get there. Farmers. Pickers. Fishermen. People. Who live in houses, or trailers, or move around, trying to make a living. Often with kids. In tow. Who also work. A big part of this country, that lives in the shadows. And is marginalized. Think about it. The next meal you eat.

Tim, Kathy and I pulled the Mac Boat out this morning, on the Village ramp, to drain her, again, and scrub her bottom. Thanks Tim and Kathy. Don’t know what I’d do without you. I am readying for our second Open House tomorrow, and hoping the fog and sea smoke of the last couple of days will lift. Although I try to share with all visitors, and guests, that when it’s like that it’s also great, and it forces you to look not for a distant view, or horizon, but instead focus on what is immediately in front of you. Yes, look at the Tower, tour the Keeper’s House, peek inside the Boathouse…but really stop and look at what’s in front of you. Think about the lichen, flowers, wildlife…and the many families that spent decades on this Island. What they did every single day. Where their food came from. How they did their laundry. How they fed themselves, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I do.

There have been more sailboats nighting in this harbor this summer, than any other year I’ve been here. Not sure why that is, but i love it. Three came in today. Had the wonderful experience to spend some time with one couple, of the S/V Mirth, of Topsham Maine. Sarah and Charles Arnold were a treat to visit with. They also came on the Island, and loved it. I hope they will become supporters of Little River Light and The Lighthouse Endeavor project. They are headed off to Grand Manan, and hopefully will be back next week.

We have our second Open House tomorrow, and will be taking visitors out to tour the Island, Keeper’s House, and the Tower beginning at 11am. If you’re around, or live in the area, I urge you to join us. It’s a very special couple of hours, and if you have kids, we love when they’re here, to just get a beginning glimpse of the importance of Lighthouses, historically, and now.

Arthur…thank you for your continued comments. You are a valued part of The Lighthouse Endeavor. Will come back to you on your latest. The Lighthouse was “pinwheeling” last night, which I love…meaning that you could see its six beams spinning out into the air. Only happens when there’s enough but not too much moisture droplets. Have to try to figure out how to get a snap of that.

Still have to get back to figuring out the hard drive and memory space. In the meantime…the Bell clangs, the Horn sounds, and the Light burns bright. Good Enuf.


2 Responses to “August Beginnings”

  1. Arthur says:

    Boat cleaning. Did you first spray it with or otherwise apply hypochlorite solution(Chlorox–half strength)to the boat bottom. Then let it sit while the chlorox does its work and then use the brush. If not try it next time. It “kills” the marine growth almost instantly. Chlorox is a useful creation.

    Speaking of creation, On the first day God created Heaven and Earth. But then some time later he created a Bush. Things really fell apart even later when along came “Hope and Change”! It will take more than Clorox and scrub brushes to clean this up.

  2. Bill Kitchen says:

    no, we didn’t, but will next time for sure!


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