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Fog, Scouts, And Fixed MacBook…

Monday, August 13th, 2012

It has been on and off fogged for the last week or so, on a pretty day to day basis. It’s that time of year. The Island has seen a continuing high level of activity, including day visitors, overnight guests, fly-bys, drive-bys, and volunteers. This is in many ways as busy, hectic and demanding as it gets.

I have struggled for weeks, with the help of a lot of talented friends who have done their darnedest to get me and my macbook back on track, and I think we may have done it. I still have to learn a new photo management system, fix lots of different folders, and ultimately “re-name” some 20,000 images, and maybe order them as well. But it seems better than it was. At least it’s functioning to some degree.

The Boy Scouts, from Troop 23 of South Portland, Maine, have been back on Island since last Thursday. They are a true pleasure to have here, as are the ScoutMasters and Chaperones. It is especially rewarding being an Eagle Scout myself, to spend this kind of time with them. And again, they are doing lots of service work for Little River Light. Thanks.

I will have lots more to catch you up on over the next few days, but right now I just want to try to get a post up, with pictures.

Welcome Christina and Anya! Nice job Norb on the tow. Thanks to all those who came to our most recent Open House, and the Visitors we continue to have every day.

The Bell clangs. The Horn sounds. The Light shines. Good Enuf.


3 Responses to “Fog, Scouts, And Fixed MacBook…”

  1. I would say this was worth waiting for….especially the GOOD news
    about the technical stuff……I know it was making you nuts.

  2. Arthur says:

    20,000 images– re-name and re-order at 1/2 min each. That’s 167 hours or for 8 hours per day—twenty-one days, or longer if you take time for lunch or other “necessities”.


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