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Grand Manan Morning Rain and Lighthouse Visitors

Thursday, June 21, 2012
Day 260

Second day of summer, and warm, even here. I know not as warm as my friends in Richmond, DC, NYC, and most of New England, but warm nonetheless.

I rose at about 4:15 this morning to see that it had rained here over night, and was definitely raining over the island of Grand Manan, Canada, which on a clear day I can see about 12 and a half miles due east. I got some nice snaps…here’s one…

Pauline Cates, wife and partner of the Captain of the F/V Joanna Marie II, Stephen Cates, came by with a couple of island visitors. This has become an almost daily occurrence and that’s great, as this was one of the goals of the Endeavor project, to make this island Lighthouse more universally accessible. Julie Harsh and Vicky Mellott, from Pennsylvania, toured the Keeper’s House, grounds and Tower, and left a nice donation to Little River Light as well, which is always needed. Thanks, and glad you enjoyed your visit. Pauline it should be noted, is the Granddaughter of Willie Corbett, Keeper of Little River Light. She shared some great stories, and it’s always special when an ancestor of this Light spends time on this island.
Here’s a couple of snaps from that…oh and Daisy was here too…

Otherwise, it’s “crunch time”, as I continue to ready the house, grounds and related buildings for guests. I have a noted Botanist coming out on island tomorrow, which I’m very excited about, and Tim and Kathy may launch the HAL Boat as well. One of the eagles was on the rocks again today, briefly, and the squirrels remain outside, where they belong. Butterflies and hummingbirds are regular “fly-bys” during the day, and the fireflies cover the lawn at night. A lone Fishermen, who I did not recognize, dropped some traps off the front yard this afternoon, from a little skiff…

More snaps from this morning’s Grand Manan rain storm…

And my favorite from this morning…

Still working on website issues as I try to better understand this new theme/format. Pics get big when you click on them, and some of them this time are worth doing exactly that…

The Horn is on. As is the Light. Good Enuf.


4 Responses to “Grand Manan Morning Rain and Lighthouse Visitors”

  1. Arthur says:

    I do not recollect seeing that frame structure with picnic tables to the right in the tower photos. Squirrel lunch room, perhaps?

    The lone fisherman — not a very stable platform for lobstering.

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      yes, the pavillion has been there for a number of years. last year i re-built some of it and added some additional structural braces. we usually tarp it. i’d like to get either a permanent sail / canvas cover donated, or put a roof on it. and no, not a very stable platform for lobstering.

  2. Carole says:

    The email I got from the squirrels said it looks like a snack table. A lunch table would have have to a sun cover over it. They also are saying that if they do not get snack food they are planning something (what this something is was not in the email I got from them)


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