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Little River “Light Post”

Friday, June 15, 2012
Day 254

Spent the day working on the Maineland, for Norb. We’re expanding the boat shop. Hard work, but great work. Exhausted. Dinner, some reading, and sleep. Working the same again tomorrow.

And today is National Lobster Day! Frankly, it should be National Lobster Weekend. And there are no better Lobsters than the ones caught right here in Cutler. I hope you’ll celebrate.

Bigger post tonight, with pics.
Horn sounds. Light is on. Good Enuf.


5 Responses to “Little River “Light Post””

  1. Carole says:

    Excuse me Bill Kitchen but I have to take issue on one of your comments in this latest posting. I have never been fortunate enough to have eaten lobster from Cutler Maine. However the high grade of lobster that I have eaten down here which is trapped off of Biddeford and Kennebunk Maine is A+. We Mainers should and need to be supportive of all of Maine businesses and lobster persons. One only has to think of the Rockland Lobster Festival (which I have never been to because I am not that big on crowds of people)

    As I am closing this post I had an idea that is a take off of an idea that has been put forth in the pass. We could have tags on each lobster saying which area and exact place said lobster was caught. By doing this one could decide or say I only like this area’s lobster. This could be done as a marketing or branding tool for lobster.

    I have heard that in the winter time when lobstering is done from the island communities in the mid coast of Maine that these lobsters are considered to the finest one can buy for that time of year.

    Maybe we could have National Lobster Week I can think of some fun ideas. If you wish Cutler Maine can hold some or most of the events.

    Perhaps I should come to Cutler and bring some Lobsters from the Southern Coast Maine. I would like to come up to Cutler and see and help out at Littler River Lighthouse.

    Maine for all areas and people of this great state.
    I am a proud Mainer’s who loves all of Maine.

  2. Arthur says:

    I take issue with Carole. First let me explain there are three parts to the Coast of Maine; DownEast, Mid-Coast and the Flat-Lander Coast (south of Casco Bay where Carole resides). The unquestionably superior lobsters are found in the mid-coast region in Penobscot Bay, the best of which reside in West Penobscot Bay and near Monhegan Island in the winter. These are significantly more tasty for being more intelligent they are more selective in their food consumption — they avoid consumption of junk foods. Those that are caught in Pen Bay region that are not up to highest standard are separated and transported south to be dumped in the Southern Maine flat-lander waters.

    As for Cutler lobsters, these are Canadian migrants lost and displaced from New Brunswick waters. They being noted for poor navigation skills, always last place in underwater lobster race competitions. With no underwater border fence in the Grand Manan Channel they wander aimlessly crossing the International Boundary line and into Maine waters across.

  3. Carole says:

    Now Arthur I am going to have to agree with you about the Monhegan Island lobsters they are the best or So they claim.

    Casco Bay is a huge question mark – For you see most not all of the tourists who come to Portland and the areas surrounding it I mean going to LL Bean (which I have never been to) Want to eat lobsters: whole lobsters, lobsters rolls, and of course the famous dish called Lobster Mac & Cheese. The last one I will take a pass on – however I do not understand why Lobster Pizza (it has dill, roasted red peppers, a small bit of cheddar cheese and of course lots of lobster) is not served here in Maine.

    Yes, Arthur thank you pointing out what I already thought some of the Cutler lobsters are really unregistered aliens from Canada.

    Now what is this about lobster race competitions: Where do they take place and when. I may have to go check these races out.

    As far the lobsters that are being dumped in Southern Maine (I have been told these lobsters are also being found even further south along the coast of MA) However this is just a rumor.

  4. Arthur says:

    The Maine Underwater Lobster Race Association (MULRA)disbanded several years ago after promoting 12 yearly races. Interest waned because Pen-Bay lobsters won all 12. And the DownEast lobsters frequently were unable to find the finish line.

    To even the odds the last race held was a handicap race, the Pen-Bay lobsters with their flippers tied behind their backs and yet they still took first place. As for the DownEast lobsters they had a kid in a rowboat towing a weighted bait bag full properly aged herring to guide them to the finish line and they still failed to cross the line. The Flat-Land lobsters also did not finish. They got totally distracted by the combination underwater yard sale/sea flea market being held by the harbor crabs and by the sale being held at the mackerel’s harbor-dashery. As a result key race sponsors “bailed out” and MULRA ended up financially “underwater”.

    There are plans for having future lobster races but only for Penobscot Bay only where lobsters from the East Pen-Bay would compete against those from the West Pen-Bay, and include entrants from mid-bay and possibly from Matinicus and Monhegan. The races would be held just offshore and parallel to the Rockland Breakwater that would accommodate the overwhelming number of spectators and with the visiting Navy ship, an Aegis frigate made in Maine by Bath Ironworks anchored nearby to serve as the race committee boat. Coast Guard Station Rockland would be hard pressed to maintain order in the spectator fleet and may require help from other units.

    Plans for such this year were cancelled for not wanting publicity of such to detract from the Olympics. In the past MULRA received complaints for detracting from other events including the Indy 500, the Kentucky Derby, America’s Cup Race and international events such as the Royal Wedding. Things are looking good for a race or races to be held in 2013— pending approval from Homeland Security.

  5. Lee Leighton says:

    Judging from what I could see when I was there, you need to stay on thew island and do some work. That’s your main job! Have a good day.


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