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Little River Lighthouse Prep

Thursday, June 28, 2012
Day 265

Stunning day. My laundry, that has been on the line for three days due to intermittent rain, may actually dry. Lots going on in the final stages of getting ready for guests. The Keeper’s Bedroom upstairs looks great. Painted, and the addition of an old wooden lobster crate from Norb

Tim and Kathy were at the unveiling of the Scenic America Acadia Quarter. Cool…

The new issue of Lighthouse Digest is out. In my opinion, the best one yet. You should subscribe…

I am a bit frustrated as I’m having computer and camera issues again. Seems like I just lost the last 200 pics!

One of the Eagles was on the rock yesterday, drying his wings. As usual, the Eagle pics are not particularly clear. Sorry.

A sailboat, the S/V Seabird, lost her engine the other night and was kindly towed into the harbor…

Horn and Light are on. I’m crazy busy. Thanks for checking in.


6 Responses to “Little River Lighthouse Prep”

  1. Joan Jellison says:

    Looks wonderful, Bill. Can’t believe what good shape the floors are in. I’d move in in a minute. Keep up the good work. Inhale deeply when you go outside for me. I miss the salt air something terrible and the sound of the ocean. Thanks again for all your endeavors.

  2. Dave Corbett says:

    Hi Bill,
    The Keeper’s Room looks wonderful. Nice choice of color.

  3. Susan Reed says:

    We wish to thank you for a lovely time spent on your island, and the rooms indeed look great…you are doing a great job, and I know that the time, labor and thought you are putting into this will be appreciated for a long time to come!

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      Funny I just wrote your names, as I’m working on a new post. A real treat to have you visit, and I truly appreciate your comments and support.


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