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Maine Open Lighthouse Day, And Cappie

Maine Open Lighthouse Day, And Cappie

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Autumn is most definitely nipping about, poking around trees, hiding behind rocks, jumping playfully about, and showing her face, just for a glance, and her wryful, knowing smile, here and there, for a fleeting half second, quickly disappearing again. Not that the leaves are changing yet. Yes, if you look carefully there are rare and tiny spots of red spray here and there. But they are indeed rare and tiny. In an area of mostly pines and firs it can be hard to see anyway. But the air has a crispness, and the Island smells, and feels, decidedly differently. It’s nice though. The rhythm. Of things. And I always welcome Autumn. She’s playing here now. And she will bring changes.

Maine Open Lighthouse Day was graced with weather that held, literally, until Tim, Kathy, Jim Sherman and Judy Corbett got safely off the Island, and the guest were gone. Then the heavens opened, after threatening to all day, and the thunder shook the harbor, and the rain slid down sideways, slamming against the south side of the Keepers House.

Thanks not only to them, but also to Hillary Savage, Captain of the F/V Young Guns Colbath Warner, and Chocorua Morrissette. Events like these could not happen without help. And they really mean a lot to so many, who travel to get here. And again, it is always special to have families, kids, on this Island, and we had a lot.

Around 5pm, having availed myself of a short nap, I was awakened by the rare sound of a boat horn, and discovered the Cates Family, aboard the F/V Legacy, partaking in a Memorial Service, a one year Anniversary for Jasper Cates, perhaps the elder Statesman of Cutler, a true gentleman, who was responsible for so many great things in this town, including the initiation of the saving of this Light Station. I immediately went out and lowered the flag to half-staff, and unfurled the “Freedom Flag” from atop the gallery of the tower. The man, and his extended family, deserved that. And I was grateful to be here and do that.

The snaps posted today are almost entirely by Hillary Savage, guest photographer and volunteer. Thanks. The Keepers House gets sharply colder. The squirrels continue their efforts to engage, most recently entering my bedroom through the window that lost its screen the other night, which found me awakened by a pitter patter on my pillow, and the caterpillers cover the Island, waiting to become something else.

Prayers continue for Dave Corbett.

The Bell clangs. The Horn sounds. And the Light shines on. Good Enuf.


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  1. Marjorie Hartnett says:

    Today, Sunday, was the kind of crystal clear day that takes my breath away and fills my heart.The river sparkled all day with a zillion diamonds, the wildflowers of purple and yellow let me know that autumn will be a glorious season. Aren’t we fortunate to live in the midst of all this natural beauty.

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      zillions are good. great even. thanks for reading. and commenting. and i love the purples and yellows. and yes… we are.


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