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Maine Open Lighthouse Day

Maine Open Lighthouse Day

The sky last night was completely amazing. Sparkling and bright, with the Milky Way visible, fully from one line of the horizon to the other, and stars that covered every inch of the expanse between. The sea was equally so, now seasonally rich with microscopic, bio-luminescencent creatures, that fill the water with sparks of white light. And when you put your hand in the harbor, and shake it back and forth, they jump and splay, hanging brilliantly, for just a few moments, on and just beneath the surface. Electric. Dancing, and then disappearing. Kind of hard to comprehend. It is another magnificent display of nature’s wonder.

Tomorrow is Maine Open Lighthouse Day, and we are one of the Lighthouses participating. The weather is forecasted to be iffy, and we are short on volunteers. As usual, we will make it work. For more info go here:

The tomatoes are ripening, as are the peppers. I imagine the Keepers here, and at other stations, looked forward to the same ending of the summer season. And the bounty it brought. And began to think of the coming of winter. Especially, after having weathered one, and knowing that it would be at least equally trying.

The glass remains more than half full.

Please share a prayer with Dave and Cheryl Corbett, who are going through a tough time right now. Random snaps, including The Sculpin, an old sweatshirt my Mom brought me of one of my favorite times and places, Lucy’s, on Manhattan, (thanks Bruce), and thanks again to Craig, for our new boat.

Find something beautiful at your feet. And over your head. And do something good.

The Bell clangs. The Horn sounds. And the Light shines.
Good Enuf.


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