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Open House and Open Hearts

Saturday, August 4th, 2012
Day 332

Today was our second, and final Open House of the season. We had over 200 people, and again, we could not have asked for a better day. And again, we had kids. I love that.

Visitors were on Island from Maine of course, but also from PA, TX, AL, IL, VA, NH and CT. And these were only the ones I knew of. There were eagle sightings, and seals, oh and of course, squirrels. The Open Houses we do, bringing people to and from the Island, are incredibly rewarding. And incredibly important. Sharing the history, of this Lighthouse, and a glimpse into our collective past.

I met a number of educators who I hope will help build the reach, and relevance of the Lighthouse Endeavor project. They were incredibly enthused, and promised to share this with other schools, teachers, and organizations. A couple were focused on Special Ed, and for a variety of reasons, I have a “special place” for Autism. I hope we can do some very very special things.

Sailboats continue to spend the night in this harbor. More so than any other year. And I am blessed to on occasion, board them. Thanks in particular to Sarah and Charles, who plan to return later this week after a visit to Grand Manan.

Lots of thanks necessary and I hope I’m not forgetting anyone…Captains Jordan and Colbath of the F/V Young Guns, and Captain Andy Patterson of the C/V Barbara Frost, Ruth and John Farris, Judy Corbett, Sue Corbett, Richard Knight, Maynard Huntley, Captain Jeremy Cates of the F/V Charlene Gail, Craig Church, Hillary Savage, Dave and Cheryl Corbett, Adam Meyer of A2Z (donations), Pastor Patty Sears!!!, Captain John Drouin of the F/V Rebby’s Mistress, of course Tim Harrison and Kathleen Finnegan. Something so wonderful could not happen without so many “showing up”.
I have two new guests on Island, who seem to be getting it right away, which is always nice. Mac McCullough, who years ago donated the MAC Boat, as well as did all the re-wiring of the electrical on the Island, was here also. An honor to meet him. And Mr. Hal Beiring, who labored with love over Little River Light’s restoration, is battling for his health. Prayers would be nice, and Get Well notes can be sent to Little River Light, Box 671, East Machias, ME 04630.

There’s a couple of other random snaps here, including one of some blueberry pickers, which I find increasingly haunting. It’s how things get to your table…and a shot of a small plane buzzing the Island.

The Bell clangs, the Horn sounds, and the Light shines. Good Enuf.


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