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Storms, Pirates, Lighthouses & The H.M.S. Bounty

Storms, Pirates, Lighthouses & The H.M.S. Bounty

Sunday, September 9th, 2012
Day 368

The residual hurricane came and went with little effect. While I made the usual preparations, dock and boat and house and grounds, and the wind and sea were building yesterday afternoon, it turned out to be a “non-event”. You never know. Even now. And it occurred to me that Keepers of the past had far less information, and warning, than me.

I made a rare trip off island yesterday, to the town of Eastport, for the annual Pirate Festival. I had some appointments scheduled, with galleries and other folk who were going to be there, and it was without question one of the coolest events I ever have experienced. I think every day should be Pirate Day. In fact, I wish I could start a community, island or otherwise, where it was. While it is clearly a charming, artsy, hip town, there were probably 10,000 people there for the festivities, most of whom were dressed. I wore pretty much what I normally do, and seemed to fit right in. Funny right? Every day should be Pirate Day.

The H.M.S. Bounty was in port, and I went aboard. This is the ship that was built for the film “Mutiny On The Bounty”, and used in the “Pirates of The Caribbean” films, and even the “Sponge Bob” film. Wow! Just incredible. And the rigging is truly mind-boggling, even for an experienced sailor. What an experience.

There was a parade, and bed races, (which were hysterical). And later, upon heading back down to Little River, stopped at the supermarket, where half of the people were still decked out in Pirate regalia, although now completely out of context. Just surreal, to walk down the “snack aisle”, and have it filled with “pirates”. By the way, pirate chicks are incredibly sexy. And the Travel Channel was there filming the whole thing, so I’ll try to let you know when that airs.

The raspberry barren here has been replaced by what I think is Goldenrod, and is awash in a brilliant bloom of yellow. The boats are fishin’, and as they head out in the pre-dawn hours, alight, I am reminded of when I lived on another island, Manhattan, and used to watch the “string of pearls” head out from Kennedy Airport. This looks very much the same.

The snaps today are from the Pirate Festival, including Nick and Belinda Lemieux’s boys Jackson and Ryan, who really were tricked out as the best “young ‘rates”, pics of others on the Bounty, Bed Races, a weird fish that washed up dead on the dock, which I believe is a “sculpin”, and a silhouette shot of a guy I was helping the other day, retrieve four bait tanks that had been knocked into the water. It was the second time in three days that I had been asked to render assistance. There is still a role for modern day Lighthouse Keepers, and I was proud to do so.

Oh, and I will once again try to post the link to a story that ran in the Chicago Tribune, and other papers including the Hartford Courant and the Newport News papers. Thanks Bob Babb for sharing that one. I also want to thank Mathew and Kara Perry, both for coming out to visit the Island, and for their kind and generous donation. It was a treat to have you, and your kids out here.

Maine Open Lighthouse Day is this coming Saturday, and I hope you can make it. Our boats will leave from the Cutler boat ramp from 9 to noon. We would love to see you here. Check out for more info.

The Bell clangs, the Horn sounds, and the Light shines. Good Enuf.


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  1. Joan Jellison says:

    I was in Maine one summer on Pirates Day. I listened to the radio and the emcees talked pirate talk even doing the news. It was the funniest morning I have ever had. It was a blast listening to this while drinking my morning coffee. Good memories. My third great grandfather was a pirate before and during the revolution. Look him up on your computer. Agreen Crabtree.

    I enjoy your posts.


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