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The New Endeavor

The New Endeavor

This is a new chapter in The Endeavor, and I hope to make it exciting, educational, and eye-opening. For you to share in, and maybe even experience… by traveling…whether “from away”…or your very backyard. With words and pictures.
Yes, the transition from alone on the Island to here is an adjustment, no matter how good it is on the other side.
But the last 6 weeks have opened up a whole new world for me.
Beyond the enchanted fairyland of an island, it was the wharfs and Cutler, the Fishermen and their Families, the supermarket, drug store, two hardware stores, and Bella Terra, where Terri sold me fresh eggs.
Now this world has opened up. And I want to share it with you.
Christmas decorations in town…like walking onto a movie set, over Bad Little Falls. But my time on Little River, could not have happened without Tim Harrison and Kathleen Finnegan. Many others too, but they made it work.
Blueberry barrens…scarlet red and peppered with steely grey boulders, forests and Foresters, Clammers, Wrinklers and Tippers. Woodsmen, urchin Divers, Draggers, Shrimpers, people who truly live off the Grid, Truckers, Tankers, Pickers, Artists and Artisans, coyotes and wild turkeys, goats and cows, and very importantly…Farmers.
In many ways, how some foods get on your table.
In short, I want to share with you The Bold Coast.
The stretch of Down East Maine that runs from Cherryfield to Eastport. The most northeastern coast of the United States.
The poorest County in Maine…and the richest.

I have been blessed to now be employed by Axiom Technologies and Susan Corbett, a company that is dedicated to last mile delivery of internet connectivity, IT, web/social media/marketing, and building the infrastructure of small businesses in Maine. I have been welcomed into many groups and organizations, including the 250th Anniversary of Machias, the development of the Bold Coast Scenic Byway, and a project to build out a 3,000 square foot space for artists and artisans, courtesy of Susan.

It is an exciting Endeavor. You can follow it on, which will soon have it’s own site, but is now working with

I have included snaps from the “Blessing Of The Fleet” and fireworks in Jonesport, blueberry barrens on route 1, and MooLivia, a precious cow that lives across the street from me at the Hatchknoll Farm, which also does incredibly great cheese and other products under GardenSide Dairy. More on them later.
I hope you will follow, share, visit, and help, if asked, if you can.
Prayers for my Dad…


The Light shines. Be Bold. Good Enuf.


7 Responses to “The New Endeavor”

  1. Marjorie Hartnett says:

    Things sound great! I was hoping you would be happy here. I love it so I guess I want everyone else to love this area too. keep in touch. Marge

  2. Joan Jellison says:

    Good to hear from you once again. So you have decided to remain in Maine. Good choice. You couldn’t be in a better place on earth.

    Will be looking for an update from time to time.

  3. isaac stephenson says:

    best of luck bill. interested in the broadband as we are without it at home. i am based in machias for work so we will have to get together.

  4. Vivian says:


    I’m so glad to hear that you are doing well and have already begun your next adventure. Looking forward to reading your blogs and seeing your beautiful photos.

    Stay well. God Bless.

  5. Margaret Scott says:

    Excellent news! I’m so glad you are able to stay in that beautiful corner of the world. Looking forward to following, sharing, and helping and maybe even visiting! Will say a prayer for your dad as well. Keep warm – M.

  6. Joe Dowling says:

    Glad to hear you are still in Washington County!

  7. Hi Bill,
    I I love reading about your journey and especially about how vital the ocean is to your life. I’ll stay tuned!


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