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Open Busy House

Day 287
Thursday, July 19, 2012

A very brief post, or should I say, “Light Post” today as I am a bit exhausted and still have more to do as we ready for Saturday’s Open House. Lots of progress being made and a great deal of thanks to Tim Harrison, Kathy Finnegan, and Dave and Cheryl Corbett, all Friends of Little River board members, who came out today with merchandise and supplies, and spent most of the day attending to the grounds and Keeper’s House. Help is good.

I also welcomed two new guests for tonight and tomorrow night. More on them as their stay goes on. Nice to have them.

Tim brought over a new Lighthouse Service flag for the Boathouse and Dock side of the island, which has been missing for way too long, and Kathy and I ran the lines and clips. I’ve included a snap of me hoisting it, in preparation for the Open House. To me it’s also a great aid for judging the wind, whether I’m leaving the island or returning.

Again the Open House starts at 11am, transportation to the island is provided, refreshments are available, there’s music, and you get to tour The Keeper’s House and climb The Tower. For more information go to

Got campers and Scouts coming to the island next week, and hope to finally have my HD cleared of some space. Tonight I couldn’t even get to pics I already have…but, wow am I going to have a lot of snaps from the last couple of weeks when I do!

Bell clangs. Foghorn sounds. The Light is on. Good Enuf.


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