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Sunday, July 1, 2012
Day 268

A weekend of stunning weather closed with darkly purple passing clouds and a brief shower, which gave way to a beautiful sunset over Cutler Harbor, this first day of July. It’s been a remarkably busy few days, with day visitors, overnight guests, lots of prep, boat assistance, and some fishing.

There were some truly spectacular cloud formations that I just happened to be in the right place at the right time for, heading back out to the island. Here’s a couple of snaps…

I got a last minute radio call on the VHF from Captain Nick Lemieux of the F/V Phantom to go out and help lay three strings of halibut lines. It’s a short season and this was the last day to set. He is an excellent fisherman, and Captain, and it was a pleasure to work for him. It was beautiful, challenging, and as usual, I learned stuff I didn’t previously know. Here’s a couple of snaps including a string of hooks I just finished baiting…

Friday morning around 7:30 I think, a distress call came over the radio from a small lobster boat that had engine failure. I responded and asked who they were and where they were. It turns out they were just off the front side of the island, towards Western Head. I grabbed the radio and my life vest, jumped on the tractor, and headed across the catwalk to the Boathouse. I swiftly spun around the outside and spotted them, The F/V Green Hornet, with Dave and two of his boys, who I really like. Fortunately, it is a small enough boat that I can tow. If it was larger, I would have at least been able to keep them off the rocks until a larger boat arrived. I was rewarded, not just with a couple of fresh lobster, but with knowing that I was playing out the role that Lighthouse Keepers of the past have played, and that both this Light Station, and her modern-day Keeper, were again an active and relevant part of this community. I’ve posted a Hornet snap, in tow.

My first official “guests” of the season arrived yesterday, Marni and Malcolm Mason from Tallahasee, FL, and it couldn’t have been more enjoyable, for all three of us. They were a pleasure to have on Island, and I suspect we will remain friends. Their stay here was a surprise gift from Malcolm’s Mom, who lives in Eastport. Here’s them in front of the Tower.

I came in Saturday morning to pick up Bill and Judy Corbett’s friends who were visiting from Richmond, Virginia. Surprisingly, the Dad has been a Professor at my alma mater, University of Richmond, for the last 17 years! And…he knew a number of the faculty and administration that were there when I was. It was pretty cool. Thanks for coming by Margaret, Kathryn, Miles and Paul Clikeman. There’s a snap of them in the Tower. By the way, Bill is the Grandson of Little River Light Keeper Willie Corbett, and it’s always special to have that kind of history on Island!

Robert and Susan Reed, from Phoenix Arizona also made it out to the island. Thanks so very much for donation. This is them…

And thanks also to Sam, Emily, Jordan and Steve Schafer who came out with Bold Coast residents Cole and Mark McGhie. It’s a privilege to make this Island Lighthouse accessible and share its beauty and history.

Also a special thanks to Tim and Kathy who helped me make last minute preparations to the Island and Keeper’s House, along with taking time to again pull the Mac Boat and drain her hull.

The new float was put in today, but I’ll get to that tomorrow…it is exciting though.
And it wouldn’t be right not to mention Happy Canada Day, especially in light of the fact that on a clear day I can see it. Also, prayers and wishes for my mid-Atlantic friends weathering some pretty rough storms, which I have learned are known as “derechos” …see this link :

Horn sounds. Light is on. Thanks for checking in. Good Enuf.


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