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Little River Lighthouse Prep

Thursday, June 28, 2012
Day 265

Stunning day. My laundry, that has been on the line for three days due to intermittent rain, may actually dry. Lots going on in the final stages of getting ready for guests. The Keeper’s Bedroom upstairs looks great. Painted, and the addition of an old wooden lobster crate from Norb

Tim and Kathy were at the unveiling of the Scenic America Acadia Quarter. Cool…


The new issue of Lighthouse Digest is out. In my opinion, the best one yet. You should subscribe…www.LighthouseDigest.com

I am a bit frustrated as I’m having computer and camera issues again. Seems like I just lost the last 200 pics!

One of the Eagles was on the rock yesterday, drying his wings. As usual, the Eagle pics are not particularly clear. Sorry.

A sailboat, the S/V Seabird, lost her engine the other night and was kindly towed into the harbor…

Horn and Light are on. I’m crazy busy. Thanks for checking in.


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Thunderstorms At Maine Little River Lighthouse

Monday, June 11, 2012Day 250

I have waited four years for a thunderstorm here. For some reason, here, they are extremely rare. In fact, F/V Captain of the Charlene Gail, Jeremy had once said to me his daughter was seven before she ever heard one. In Massachusetts, and even NYC and DC and Richmond, they are regular this time of year. But here…rare.

Saturday was finally the day. Five hours of thunderstorms. And well worth the wait. Crazy, Stephen King Clouds. Crossing the harbor from west to east. Palpable. Low. Touchable almost. Scary kind of. Lost power for 12 hours. Completely bananas.

Trevor Holewinski, who is a brilliant website and wordpress expert, was helping me re-do the Lighthouse Endeavor website and blog. They started when I picked him up and brought him on island. Continued during our three hours of work. And hit again when I brought him back. We sat in the harbor, and he was patient and understanding while I snapped.

They then peaked, shortly thereafter. And I stood on the dock, on the harbor side of this island, and shot. They came across the water. Strikes. Bolts. Boomers. Rumbles. And rollers. Vibrating. Reverberating. Modulating. Everything I hoped they would be.

And then a rainbow. I have seen probably 150 rainbows in my life. Not only was this one one of the best, but rainbows usually last minutes. This one remained out for about an hour. Really. An hour.

More later. As I mentioned, we are totally re-doing the website. Lots of work on this end. Thank you for being patient. Horn sounds. Light is on. Good Enuf.

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The Mission

“The Lighthouse Endeavor” is an Education and Preservation project that depends upon the residency of a single individual, attempting to be the first in the 164 year history of the most northeastern island lighthouse in the United States, to live alone for one year, for the sole purpose of creating a unique platform of on-site and distance-learning programming.  This will address a wide range of subjects from math and science to ecology and preservation, be universally accessible to educators, organizations and the public, provide a multimedia chronicle of his daily life on this remote island, and raise awareness and funding for the ongoing preservation of this lighthouse, and other lighthouses around the world.

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The Lighthouse Endeavor Video


Please allow it to load, and then play on Full Screen.


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