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Sunrise At Maine Little River Lighthouse

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Day 251

I am awakened by the low and incredibly pleasant rumble of lobster boat engines, and small chatter on the VHF. They are the Harley’s of the Sea. Hogs. It is a very distinct sound, that reverberates far beyond what one thinks is physically possible. And I spoke with Josh and Nick, as they headed out to fish.

It is 4:15 am, and my world is fully lit. The sun is coming up, and it is bright, and light. Totally. Amazing that the sun now rises a full 45 degrees northeast of where it did in the winter. Orange and pink puddles play across the water….a catwalk, of floating stepping stones. I wonder if I could hop all the way to the sun. I think I could.

The days continue to be amazing. Skies that make you think of God.

Saturday got me to shooting the tiniest of flowers. This is about an inch.

Andy Patterson, Captain of the Barbara Frost and owner of Bold Coast Tours, came out, again, with his kids. I love this. I want the people who live here to come out. All the time.

Here’s a snap of Trevor, my website savior, on the catwalk of the tower…I think his wife might turn out to be a bit of a savior too…as she has offered to help with grant writing apps.

And some stick flower thing….

Paul Higgins, a Geologist, who happens to work now for the Maine EPA, came out yesterday to look at the water supply and the filters. All is great and by June 30 everything will be in order. By the way, not one squirrel or mouse in the house for 72 hours. (Thanks Lee). I think the ordeal is over. I am hoping that Paul will become part of this Endeavor project. He could add a lot to the educational side of the program…

The lupin are bloomin’….

And a curious crow was caught in a trap, on Captain Bob Fortin’s boat, F/V Patriot. It was freed….

Two regional papers have published their summer guides, and Little River Light is in both, thanks to Tim Harrison! (I will have to find a link to the Quoddy Tides page)


I am continuing to work on the revision of the website, so I appreciate your patience and welcome observations and suggestions. The Foghorn sounds. The Light was on. Good Enuf.


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