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Sin & Redemption, Triangle Dusk, and Kids

Monday, July 2, 2012
Day 269

Everything that is brought on this Island, if it’s not a paper product that can be burned, has to come off. A burden, and a responsibility. The Sin of consuption. The Sin of usage. Cans, bottles, plastic food containers, and of course things like refrigerators that blow out (like the one that blew out in the Halloween storm last year), grills that no longer work, furniture that is replaced, etc. Fortunately, for some of this, there is Redemption. I think the two words together, Sin and Redemption is ironic. And I used to find it funny when I lived in MA that the Redemption Centers were all liquor stores. You’d pull into the parking lot and it would say “Beer, Wine and Liquor” on one sign, and “Redemption Center” on the other. I just think the dichotomy of that is incredibly funny. I got five bags of “Redemption” off Island yesterday. I have been redeemed. And I feel better. Personal Redemption. Not easy…but doable with some effort.

The last week has seen guests or day visitors every day. And while even day visitors take up several hours of my time, it is one of the key reasons we embarked on the Lighthouse Endeavor project – to make this Island, House and Tower, more accessible for others to share. A group of four, two Grandparents with their two young Grandchildren, kayaked out for a visit. The kids are from FL and the Grandparents live in Michigan. I love it when kids are on this Island, and these kids, a young prince and princess, super cool and confident for being so young, loved every minute of it. Wow, it was just such a special experience. Thanks for sharing this Tony and Debbie Woolard, and Jayden & Naylah Paul. Come back soon. Oh and the harbor got a little dicey as they went to kayak back and within seconds on the radio, there were multiple fishermen ready to shepherd them in. I’ve included a shot of Captain Norb Lemieux of the F/V Christina Marie and crew, riding herd. Also thanks to Captain Bob Fortin of the F/V Patriot, who stood at the ready, as did others. This community comes together and mobilizes in a heartbeat, and is so very special.

The clouds and sky here continue to be quite spectacular, day after day. These are two amazing snaps from an atmospheric scene I have never witnessed before…sunset, looking east over the ocean…the almost full moon…and the creation of a highly unusual triangular light sky formation.

And a couple of shots of the harbor at sunset…

I’ve also included a shot of Cutler parents and kids fishing off the wharf. This is just so cool. This is what parents and kids do here. The nearest movie theater is over an hour away…

I continue to work on the Grounds, Oil House, Boathouse, and Keeper’s House, painting, cleaning, fixing, and prepping for the onslaught of guests and visitors. It is a labor of love. The new float that replaced the 13 year old one that was rotten was put in. It still needs rails, bumpers and cleats, but it’s in. And it’s 3 feet longer than the old one, which will give me at least fifteen minutes of additional tidal access, on either side. It was expensive, and it seems that there’s something every day that needs to be replaced or fixed. We are in need of any support companies, foundations and individuals can share.

Cutler is readying for the 4th of July festivities, and the Tower Flag will begin flying today. Jupiter and Venus rise just before sunrise, in the East and a mere 5 degrees directly above one another. I hope to have pics tomorrow, but if you’re up, you should look for it. I got a glimpse this morning and it was worth waking up for, and then going back to bed. Also thanks Vicky Mellott for the lovely follow-up visit email.

The Fog Horn sounds, and the Light shines proudly. Good Enuf.


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