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Day 212 – Friday, May 4, 2012

“White and Wagging, and Red Squirrels”

Like most of the northeast of the US, the days have been grey.  I like grey days so it’s ok.  The lawn is green, has been mowed, and has more dandelions than I remember in years past.  A squirrel continues to live somewhere upstairs, in the walls or something, and when I opened the door to the cellar today it was sitting right there on the first step.  I spoke to it in a calm and quiet tone, made eye contact, and told it it can’t continue to live here, can’t come actually in the house, and had to go back outside.  I think it understood.  At least it went down backstairs.



I am looking forward to the Supermoon, as the media has dubbed it.  Saturday night at 11:34 EST.  Closest it will be to the earth in all of 2012, and illusionarily (ok yes I know not a real word but should be) large when it first rises.  It’s supposed to be overcast, which generally I’m happy with except when there’s some celestial event.  Here’s more info on that…

I haven’t done a very good job at daily postings but I’m trying to get better.  Here’s another random shot of cool but unusual boat from the island….



White laundry has been done and is not quite dry so is draped about the kitchen and living room.  Keeper’s of the past must have had a better system than I do.  Almost everything is harder to do here, or at least takes more time.  I am constantly reminded.

The handle on my outboard engine for the Hardy Boys boat has lost the two nuts that keep it stable.  I figured it was ok for a while, with duct tape, but Bob, Captain of the F/V Patriot, yesterday said it was not and we pulled it off and he put a hose clamp on it, which fixed it for the time being.  Once again I am incredibly blessed with friends that care.  Real friends.



I am still trying to fix the share/like buttons on the bottom of the site, my computer, and my camera.  I hope Sean will be here soon.


Life is good.  There will be more to report tomorrow.  The new issue of Lighthouse Digest is coming out in days.  Subscribe now if you haven’t already.  A huge accomplishment for anything in print these days…







And a special “Hello” to my dear friend Wil Cloud, who I lived along side in Mexico – he now lives in Thailand, and a big “Thank You” to Margaret Scott, who donated $25 to help paint the Tower.  Now if I can just get 119 more people to do the same, we can.  Thanks Margaret for starting the brushes.  The Horn blows and the Light is on.  Good Enuf.


3 Responses to “Day 212 – Friday, May 4, 2012”

  1. Jamie says:

    Only 119 more?
    That’s nothing!

  2. Margaret Scott says:

    You are most welcome! Always a pleasure to help preserve America’s marine heritage.

  3. Mary-Adair Macaire says:

    What about organizing a painting party weekend? How many cans will it take? Break down the donation by can/brush. Or, is there a paint company that would like to have the honor of providing the paint for the eastern most lighthouse – especially for a Keeper that has the Facebook following you do? Any historical societies that might also chip in? How many rooms at your Inn? Bathrooms? Or, any local Inns which could be counted on for a discount for those in the painting party? Any chance to borrow some serious ladders from town? Does it need much prep – sanding? Can your kitchen accommodate preparation of large meals? What an event for your website!!


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