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Day 239, Thursday, May 31, 2012

“Trailers, Ferns, and more ‘But’”

I worked for Norb today.  I should say I got to work for Norb today.  He is so very special.  I am blessed.  We built the deck on a flatbed trailer.  I got there first thing in the morning, and worked all day with him and Trav.  Stained it with used engine oil.  Brilliant.  And beautiful.












I need to be on the wharf at 5:15 am tomorrow morning, as we’re going to pull the F/V Christina Marie, his boat, and the F/V Phantom, his son’s boat Nick, to clean and paint their bottoms.

A momma fox was out across the street, with 4  pups.  I didn’t get a shot but maybe tomorrow.

Here’s another pic of the halibut Nick caught the other day.  It’s a small one.  Funny that it winds up on your table, from a restaurant or supermarket.







And here’s a pic of Carol and Kurt Harrington’s sailboat, (they’re big supporters of Little River Light, and The Lighthouse Endeavor), with her new, beautiful sails.







And me baiting the other day on “Sponge Bob’s” boat, the F/V Patriot.







Spring has sprung, and the FiddleHead Fern Forest is here.







And a boat I don’t know…






I still have an awful cold.  But will work like crazy tomorrow.  And try to get to bed shortly. Horn blows.  Light is on.  As is French radio, which I love.  Good Enuf.  Actually better.

And a sunset…


6 Responses to “Day 239, Thursday, May 31, 2012”

  1. Marjorie Hartnett says:

    What a beautiful sunset! Thank you.

  2. John Drouin says:

    The boat is Burton Maker…F/V Kathy Ann…what, no oilskins to wear while on Bob’s boat?

  3. Bill Kitchen says:

    thanks! yeah, short. and we pulled and painted F/V Christina Marie, and…F/V Phantom today to paint the bottoms. no oilskins there either.

  4. elayne kitchen says:

    hey sniffles…..take your vitas and breath in the wonderful salt sea air… will feel better in a week. Sounds like busy days and I know you’re lovin it. How about that moose swimmin along side you….wow….get a snap if you can …and of course The Foxy Lady with her pups.
    Find a way to rid yourself of those squirrels…..someone must have a Havaheart for you to borrow……mb


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