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“Sea, Snow and Steel”

My very special and dear friend Clyde Pitchford used to say “April Is The Cruelest Month”.  I suspect that had everything to do with taxes and nothing to do with weather.  Today, a late January day, which is without question one of my favorite months, (my birthday not withstanding but the dawn of a new year meaning a lot), started with a truly enchanted beginning on this the most northeastern island lighthouse in the US.  It was a day quickly blanketed with the six inches of snow that I have wished for for three years.  It has this afternoon, turned an equally enchanting steely grey, dark and in some ways seemingly mean.  I love it. My front yard is now exploding every four seconds with a deep, crushing and somewhat hollow bellow, accompanied by an every-time reach-for-the-sky bleach white cloud of foam and froth that continues to challenge several 50 by 30 foot stands of rocks that have refused to yield for centuries, despite their twice a day pounding.  The fog horn, relentless and unchallenged, continues to moan, in a never-wavering ten second interval.  And that is perhaps my favorite sound.






I just came in from outside, taking pictures of the sea, and my fingers are cold and stiff the result of frostbite some 30 years ago.  My pants are wet as it’s now raining, but the pellet stove is on, and warm.  The chatter on the VHF radio is the talk of sanding and knocked down mailboxes, an ongoing dialogue between the two snow-plow men that are responsible for this haven in Maine, that has replaced the lobstermen, and today, even the scallopers and urchin divers.




On another note, Bob Trapani and the American Lighthouse Foundation secured me a $600 Survival Suit, with the help of Mustang Survival (their tag line is  “We Save Lives For A Living” which being a sometime copywriter I just love, and they provide most of the gear for the US Coast Guard) along with the folks from Hamilton Marine.  This suit would allow me to spend anywhere from one to three hours in icy water, although given my lack of fat I suspect that we’re really looking at an hour, and I hope we never have to go there.  Anyway, truly amazing the support that continues to build for The Lighthouse Endeavor program and I am deeply grateful.  If you can patronize Hamilton Marine and Mustang Survival please do.







Here are some snaps from yesterday and today I hope you’ll enjoy.  Sorry for the technical delays but that will happen out here.  I’ll leave the Light on.  If you can help with contacts, support or donations it is truly appreciated.  God bless and Good Enuf.


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  1. elayne kitchen says:

    So happy you are back and alive….I know, I know I am not to think of trecherous endings but somehow when we do not talk for 24 hrs and I see no Keepers Journal This Momma
    thinks bad thoughts…..Then the obsessing gives way to a word, an e-mail and I am relived
    to know it’s all good again…….welcome back my “Keeper” I need my Daily Fix…….

  2. Joan says:

    Ahoy, the lighthouse.

    Good to have you back on. Tim told us on fb that you were having computer problems so I wasn’t becoming alarmed. Another worry taken care of with you getting that much needed surviror suit. That was a much needed piece of gear.
    Sounds like your new stove is working like it should thank goodness.
    Take care and stay warm.

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      yes, ahoy! nice to be back on. computer/internet seems better, but for no apparent reason. fingers crossed. survival suit is great, as is heat. thanks so much for the support, and for reaching out! bk.lrl.tle

  3. Dave says:

    Great winter shots of the island. I am very pleased to see them. I have never had the opportunity to witness the sights in person so this is such a treat. AlsoVERY pleased to hear that you have heat. The way you descibe things on the island makes me wish I could be there for just a few hours myself.

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      thanks very much. certainly a big part of the project is sharing with others the magic and beauty, through both words and pics. i they don’t understand it, they can’t take an interest in preserving it. and yes, heat is a wonderful thing. and you can be here for a few days, anytime you wish. again sir, thank you so much for the support, and the confidence, and the faith. bk.lrl.tle

  4. Joe Dowling says:

    Be safe, and stay warm. How is the new pellet stove working out? Are you able to de-layer a bit? What about the water pipes? Are they frozen?
    I think I mentioned before that my friend Ray Graham is a part of Evergreen Home and Hearth.

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      Hi Joe. new stove from evergreen is amazing! Pipes remain fluid, and i am delayered. what does ray do at evergreen? they are truly amazing and i will continue to do all i can to support them. thanks for reaching out. bk.lrl.tle

  5. Seamond says:

    Thank God, you got a survival suit! That eases my worries of your boat trips to “the mainland” considerably. Another handy hint from me (result of many rowing trips) is you need if you don’t have one a waterproof/weatherproof huge bag to secure your groceries, goodies, supplies and mail from the post office to the front door of L.R.L.H. Lacking that (and an old canvas U.S. Mail bag with a pucking closure would be great), some very heavy duty garbage bags, the kinds contractors use for trash, would be a big help. Thinking of you, too, Bill. Seamond

  6. Cathy Cooper says:

    Good afternoon Mr. Kitchen,
    I am a volunteer reporter for a newsletter, Atlantic Coast Watch, Our Editor, Roger Stone, asked me to find out about your activities: what you have discovered that you did not know, how many people you are in contact to give out information, what you are producing, next steps. He wants to see if we should do a story. If you would like to help us, please contact me, or tell me about another person you would like me to contact. We are in Washington, D.C., my phone number is 202 333-5943. We would appreciate any help you would like to provide. Thank you,
    Cathy Cooper


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