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Day 103 – Wednesday, January 18, 2012

“Light Housekeeping and A Heavy Leaf”

I have been told by the locals numerous times over the last two months that like the rest of the northeast, Cutler has received one of the most mild winters yet on record.  It has done so graciously and gratefully.  And on this fifteen acre island, despite the power outages and dozen downed 50-60 foot pines and birch, the near loss to the sea of the Ilsa Lund and 50 knot sustained winds screaming from inside the harbor over the floats, and me, and of course some sub-zero temperatures, I am keenly aware that I too have been unseasonably fortunate, and that the two historically worst months still lay ahead.

Were it not for the fact that the rest of the northeast was experiencing this too I might have considered claiming credit for this benevolence, as I’m pretty darn certain I’m the only new person living in the Village this year, and I am supposed to be guarding the harbor.

Tuesday was no exception with the temperature hanging steadily between 38 and 40 degrees for most of the afternoon.  Most of the afternoon being from 12:30 to 3, whereupon it starts getting dark a fleeting, fifteen, fast-flying minutes later, at 3:15 pm.  This balmy weather allowed me to finish shoveling the inclined portion of the catwalk and get the tractor to the Boathouse, where it awaits the arrival of the Master Pellet Stove Technician Thursday at 8am, who will have a good deal of gear.  (A view from the Boathouse a few weeks ago…)




Returning to the Keeper’s House my eye was struck by a baby brown leaf, sitting still and quiet on the now completely clear boardwalk.  It can’t be more than an inch and a half in total length.  Picking it up, turning it over and over in my hand, actually pausing to deeply examine it with rapt attention, I was reminded just how remarkable leaves can be.  Find a few minutes to stop and pick one up.  You’ll thank me.  Here it is, heart-like, front and back. (click and they get bigger).




There was only one boat out in the last two days, an urchin diver, and it radioed in for a tow having inexplicably lost engine power, and forcing her to swiftly drop anchor and wait.  Fortunately it was neither windy or weathering.  Little fishing means little chatter on the radio, and I miss them both.

Besides the usual emails and work on The Lighthouse Endeavor program, today was a day of “Light Housekeeping”, laden with domestic chores of cleaning, laundry, straightening, organizing, and trying to get a better hold on the now untenable desktop that makes up my “office”, which for many years was simply, the kitchen table.  I have a “guest” coming tomorrow, and partially due to the timing of the tides this week and partially due to the fact that Evergreen Hearth & Home wants to make sure the stove is running right, he will stay 24 hours.  I will let you know how it goes.

That’s all for this entry.  Thanks for checkin’ in, “Liking” and sharing, and ongoing support.  I’ll leave the Light on.  Good Enuf.  Oh, the snap below is actually a 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch, carefully chosen section of the same Little River Light Leaf from above.  Click on it.  There’s a little white heart in it.  That’s what I see anyway.


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  1. elayne kitchen says:

    oh yes for sure there is a lovely little heart…wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could click our own hearts and make them big enough to fill the whole world with our love.


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