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Day 104 – Thursday, January 19, 2012

“The Iceman Go-eth”



A morning much like most over the last two months found me getting out of bed in exactly the same way – first attempting to calculate how cold it was without unfolding any of the three blankets that each night I hoped would smother the sheet below, and in the process grant me a superhero shield, imprisoning what heat my body was emitting.  Then, after a deep breath, swiftly swinging my already fully clothed and multi-layered, socked, gloved and sometimes “hatted” self into a pair of boots that the night before had been ordered to stand at attention, as close to the bed as possible, until dawn.  I wondered if it would be my last.

Resident celebrity, emcee, producer and mac apple ninja Andy Patterson had volunteered to ferry the gentleman who was going to do his best to install the pellet stove over to the island for an 8am dockside arrival.  It was 2° and I was rather pleased not to have to pull the Hardy Boys boat out of the Boathouse.  Kathy was with them and the boat was brimming with all manner of tools, piping, boxes of hardware and redundant hardware, mail and packages from the Post Office, a culinary care package from a special neighbor (more on that tomorrow), and provisions.   Could this be?




Andy incidentally, is also the owner and Captain of Bold Coast Tours, a rare and exceptional excursion into the perplexing world of Puffins.  Board his boat in beautiful Cutler harbor, hug the remote and rocky coast, and truly journey to the largest Puffin colony in all of Maine.  If you’re not sure what an Atlantic Puffin is, here’s a couple of snaps (I didn’t take them).  And you wonder where Disney comes up with stuff, right?


If you’d like to learn more about Puffins check this:

Jim Rockett is the man upon whom all my heating hopes are hinging.  He has come to the most northeastern island lighthouse in the US having been challenged to change my chilled down world.  Assessing the situation, which was far from ideal, he set about his work, which continued unabated for a little over four hours.  And on the 104th day, God and Evergreen Hearth & Home said, “Let There Be Heat!”.







I am currently wearing far fewer clothes than at almost any other moment in the last few months.

Waiting for the team’s arrival this morning I was taken by the beauty of the frozen and frosted seaweed that had been unwillingly wave-washed atop the floats, and quickly captured there by the pinning press of winter’s still-widening grip.


(Click on them and they get bigger)

Thanks for reading, “Liking”, sharing and supporting The Lighthouse Endeavor.  Special thanks to Andy, Jim, Tim and Kathy, and Mark & Jeremiah at Evergreen.  I’ll leave the Light on.  And I’m warm.  Good Enuf.


15 Responses to “Day 104 – Thursday, January 19, 2012”

  1. Dave says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So very glad that you finally have the heat you need. Thank you Jim Rocket for your expertise. Let the good times roll.

  2. Seamond says:

    Bill: How wonderful to SEE you have HEAT!!! Hooray. Now, make sure you don’t burn down the place. I do hope you have two things (other than the stove going) – 1. A smoke and CO2 monitor alarm and 2. Some fire extinguishers. I know you think I am a banana about your safety, but I lived it all our lives there on the lights. I don’t know if you sleep upstairs or not, but if you do, let me assure you that it is a LONG way down a rope knot ladder from that second story as I was the one at West Chop who would demonstrate to the inspectors that our rope knot ladder did work. (I do hope you have one; if not, put that on their to-do list, especially with the guests, there should be one for each upstairs room anchored to the bedstead. Pray you never have to use it. Now, on other things, in a few weeks I will be sending some books to add to the lighthouse library. I checked with Tim H if I could do this and he said OH YES. The books I am talking about (and I’ll only send a few at a time because I know you have to be careful not to get too much mail) will be nautical type reading from my own collection that I’ve fretted about what to do with them before I croak off. I don’t think my kids would appreciate them, i.e., read that to mean off they go to the Goodwill. So, that will be my next package sent your way. Meanwhile, carry on with your wonderful, wonderful journal. Best wishes, Seamond

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      you are so sweet.
      yes, rope ladders are a good idea for the guest rooms. i sleep downstairs. lots of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors though.
      and first aid kits. thanks for thinking of me, as usual. can’t wait for the books.

  3. Joe Dowling says:

    Yahoo for Evergreen Home and Hearth!!! Stay warm!

  4. Alan Taylor says:

    I hope you had a warm night, the new stove looks great! Cold one yesterday for sure, I was hauling my lobster traps offshore and I think that might have been my coldest day lobstering ever.

  5. Deb Bridges says:

    Happy birthday from your “neighbor” at West Quoddy Head. So glad you are finally warm!

  6. Kelly Anne Loughery says:

    Happy Birthday Bill! I bet I can safely say it will go down as one of the most memorable of your life. Enjoy your new heat :-)

  7. Terry Pepper says:

    Bill – it’s great to hear that you got the stove working in time for your birthday. As owners of the St. Helena Island lighthouse in northern Lake Michigan, we have a little inkling of some of the challenges you are facing. You are indeed a special person to have be blessed with such an opportunity, and to have the Chutzpah to serve as the guinea pig! Happy Birthday to a fellow 21st century keeper.

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      terry, thanks so much for reaching out. oh, i would say you have more than an inkling, and i am definitely very very blessed.
      please stay in touch, and send some photos.

      • Rhaine says:

        Bill I will save a spot on the sign up sheet for you I think we are going to do MinesFalls next week. There is a very challenging 75 foot evelation change that we will do a couple of times nasty

  8. It may be full of seaweed, washed in by the massive waves breaking in the south east corner, riding on top of the king tides.


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