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Day 111 – Thursday, January 26, 2012

“Solar Flares and Technical Difficulties”

I have had crazy technical difficulties with my macbook, and the website, and maybe even the internet, which has prevented me from making a post. Very frustrating.  Am going to go off island and see how things work there.  Maybe it’s all part of the solar flare issue.  Here’s a couple of snaps, if I can get them loaded.




7 Responses to “Day 111 – Thursday, January 26, 2012”

  1. Ann Spinelli says:

    Belated Happy Birthday!!

    Have missed your posts….hope you get the tech difficulties worked out. Those solar flares sure can raise havoc with communications.

    Also hope your pellet stove is working so you don’t have to go to bed layered to the hilt. I watch your weather every day on the internet and it looks like a good day today with sunshine. Send some our way over here in Ithaca NY.

    Take care and post again soon. Thanks for it all, Ann

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      thanks so much ann. pellet stove is working very well and i have shed some layers.
      thanks so much for reaching out and supporting the endeavor project.
      and the birthday wishes!

  2. elayne kitchen says:

    I know this has been a terrible time for you……so sorry….two pics were great…better n nothin………lym

  3. elayne kitchen says:

    realize now how dependent we are on the ‘puter……wow …..sorry you are in such a mess but happy to know the snow has made it beautiful….hope the fix comes soon. miss you…m

  4. Kelly Anne Loughery says:

    Bill, your macro photography is stunning. What equipement are you using?

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      hi kelly. i must admit i use only a rather old point and shoot. beat up and been around the block canon sd850, 8 mega pixels digital elph. no tripod, no lenses. just that. i am hoping to upgrade shortly, to another canon point and shoot, but better. are you a snapper? and if so, send me something. thanks for reaching out and for supporting the endeavor.


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