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Day 119 – Saturday, February 4, 2012

“Little River Super Bowl”

So for the first time in history, the NFL and NBC are going to stream-cast the Super Bowl, live.  I suspect I am one of the few people who don’t also have access to a television.  I am hopeful that I will be able to stream it to my MacBook, here on the most northeastern island lighthouse in the United States.

I have done marketing work for the NY Giants, and lived on Manhattan for 16 years, so I am a NY Giants fan.  I have also spent the last six years living in Central Massachusetts where it’s hard not to be a Pats fan.  So I am a bit torn.  Either way, it is truly revolutionary to think that I can watch it here, on this island, tomorrow.  From what I understand however, I will have to/get to watch the commercials tomorrow.

Here’s a link to the release should you wish to share it, and the full release below.  I have also included some pics from today’s sunrise, a Dragger off the “front lawn”, and the Naval station towers at sunset, as I was able to get off island for a spell.

First Super Bowl Stream Beams Game to Isolated U.S. Lighthouse Keeper

Released 2/4/12
For the first time in history, in a place were there is no television, a lone lighthouse keeper at the northeasterly-most island lighthouse in the United States will be able to watch this year’s Super Bowl, thanks to the NFL and NBC now offering live streaming of the epic game.

Bill Kitchen, the modern day keeper of Little River Lighthouse, on a remote and isolated 15-acre island off the coast of Cutler, Maine, has been living alone on the island since last October as part of a non-profit multi media educational and historic preservation project called “The Lighthouse Endeavor.”

Some people have asked which Super Bowl team Kitchen is cheering for, or if he has predictions for the game. “That’s a tough one,” says Kitchen, who spent many years living in Manhattan, where he was, without question, a New York Giants fan. However, after moving to Massachusetts, and now living Maine, he became a New England Patriots fan. “So,” he says, “I guess I’m cheering for both teams.”

However, Kitchen quickly quipped, “Because The Lighthouse Endeavor at Little River Lighthouse exists solely on donations, I’m sure I could be swayed one way or another through a donation at And of course people can e-mail me at”

This will be the first time in nearly four decades, and perhaps the first time in the history of the lighthouse, that anyone has been able to watch the Super Bowl from this remote location. “It’s been 37 years since someone last lived out here,” says Kitchen, who lives by himself on the rocky, yet forested, outpost where his only companions are squirrels, eagles, and seals. “And, because of the poor television reception in this remote part of the state, previous keepers who lived here might not have been able to watch the Super Bowl. In fact, locals on the mainland used to joke that they were so remote, that even the television news arrived a day late.”

Today, because of historic preservation guidelines, a television antenna is not allowed to be attached to the roof of the house or to the tower, which before being restored, was listed by Maine Historic Preservation as one of Maine’s “Ten Most Endangered Historic Properties.”

However, thanks to the generosity of a local company, Axiom Technologies of Machias, Maine, Kitchen now has broadband wireless Internet connection, which allows him to make on-line daily posts to teach the world about the ecology and historic importance of life on the island and the daily obstacles that he has to overcome.

To learn more about Little River Lighthouse and Kitchen’s experiences on the rugged island light-station, you can read his regular posts on The Keeper’s Journal at




I’ll keep the Light.  At least ’till the Game’s over.  Good Enuf.




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  1. elayne kitchen says:

    That was so good to hear you could watch the game…..I understand the torment of picking a team to root for….hope you celebrated with the winners……they are “keepers” just like you.

    • Elena says:

      Hello to my old friend Bill’s son,As much as I have seen, your peojrct is daunting but with your spirit will succeed.Anxious to find out more.Rill Sivori in California: met your father in NJ ions ago.


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