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Day 149 – Monday, March 5, 2012

“Writer’s Block Island”

This is an undeniably magical island.  All who set foot on it would most certainly agree.  And those who have, or even those experiencing it from a virtual plane, I hope feel the same way.  Despite that, I often wrestle with the solitude, intensity, and lonely beauty of it all.




“Hello….  Kitchen.  Party of One.”



It is less so with a dog I know, and I hope Shasta will be able to come back out in the next month or two.  And probably a cat too but I haven’t had that privilege.  The island does however takes on an entirely different dimension when you can actually share, and experience it, live, in the presence of others.  Now that happens when paying guests are here, certainly.  And volunteers.  But when friends are here, it’s an entirely different event.  And there have not been many “friends” here.  Family?  Perhaps my favorite has been being a family here.  Past that, having a family here.  But friends?  Who get the whole aspect of discovery and wonder, of not just this enchanted island, but the keepers house, the tower, the history, what happened in this kitchen, for 130 years.  And now something else happens in this kitchen?  The parlor?  The living room?  The incredibly challenging, undulating, lifting and diving, ankle-turning pathways to yesterday, and today?  That is hard to find the words for.







Adam, Hillary and Catherine came out and spent last Sunday here.  We passed the day exploring all parts of the island, followed by an evening of dinner and company.  Wind, tide and a very choppy harbor prevented a planned evening departure, pushing it until the following morning.  Nice to have company.  (DS)

It has snowed pretty much every day this week, at least for some moments and at least lightly.  We got a good five inches the other day and I went out and took close to 200 pictures with my new camera.  Downloaded them and for some reason cannot find them.  I have spent hours trying to locate them and perhaps they’re gone.  Don’t know but it’s made for a frustrating few days.










When it did snow like that it was the most sparkly snow I think I’ve ever seen.  Glittery, dreamy, silvery, falling fairy dust.   As I covered the catwalk and trails I was again captured by the criss-crossing of animal tracks that seemed to be everywhere I looked, making me think that there surely must be tens of thousands of wiry red squirrels here when in fact it is probably just a dozen or so, albeit quite busy.








Big thanks to Nick Lemieux, along with Ken Britton and Richard Knight who helped me get a full ton of pellets out onto the island.  I got half of them in the house and the other half remain outside the boathouse covered by a tarp, courtesy of EBS Building Supplies and our friend Brent.  The second ton will wait until Norb gets back from London.

“Ice Over Grass”…







Please take 30 seconds to vote for Little River Light in the Bangor Savings Bank’s Community Matters More Grant Initiative.  You only need an email address and a Maine zipcode to vote, and you will help us increase our chances to receive up to $5,000, which we desperately need to help paint the Tower.  It’s solely based on the number of votes with a total of 68 grants being awarded.  Please take a moment to help.  Voting ends at midnight tonight…click here and write-in “Little River Light” in the Downeast Region category




Adam (left), and sun coming through seaweed (below)…








And here’s a random cartoon I came across that has nothing to do with lighthouses but is I think, incredibly funny…






I promise to get back to more regular posts.  Sometimes it gets dark out here and writer’s block sets in and like I said, I’m pretty upset about the missing picture files.  Onward.








Thanks for checking in, “Liking”, sharing and supporting The Lighthouse Endeavor.  I’ll leave the Light on.  Good Enuf.


6 Responses to “Day 149 – Monday, March 5, 2012”

  1. Cheryl Crigger says:

    I really enjoy reading your posts & looking at your pictures. The ones from this post are great, especially the icy grass, seaweed & Leap Day sunrise. I like the one of you sitting there holding your camera. You look like you’re frustrated about not being able to find your pictures, I would be, too! I hope you find them, that’s too many to lose.
    If I had a Maine zipcode I would have definitely voted for the grant.
    Keep up the great work & I know you’re looking forward to the time when you start getting visitors to hear about your endeavor. May God continue to keep you safe during this time.
    Cheryl Crigger
    Columbus OH

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      hi cheryl
      thanks so very much for taking the time to reach out. it is a privilege for me to be able to share this project, and experience. so glad that you’re enjoying it. do share it with your friends, and thanks for God’s wishes. please check in again.

  2. Joe Dowling says:

    Yesterday I met the guy from “Evergreen” who set up your pellet stove . He said he is anxious to get back to the island to clean up the installation and see how things are going for you. I’d like to check in on you sometime too.

    Warmth to you,

  3. Cheryl Crigger says:

    I really enjoy reading your posts & seeing your pictures. I especially like the ones of the ice grass & ice urchin, also the Leap Day sunrise. The one of you holding your camera looks like you really are frustrated wondering what happened to your pictures. I would be, too. Did you ever find them?
    Take care & I look forward to reading more, especially when you start getting visitors for the purpose that you’re there.
    Cheryl Crigger

  4. Cheryl Crigger says:

    I just looked at my post to you & the time says 7:38pm. I have no idea why it says that, it’s 3:40pm here in Columbus OH. We changed our time to DST.
    Cheryl Crigger

  5. Alice says:

    awesome blog to read…i enjoyed reading. keep posting.


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