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Day 155 – Sunday, March 11, 2012

“Dare To Try”

There were three days of cloudless and pristine blue sky prior to Thursday night.  And there have been three days of exactly the same, since.  A brief interlude of only twelve precise hours, of covered, overcast, obscuring and flat-out blocked obstruction of the heavens above, were timed, exactly, to blot out my experiencing the Borealis.  And my hopes of sharing it with you.

They swept in right after the moon came up, and vanished just as quickly with the rising sun.  Sometimes, that is life.

Not for a lack of trying.  And that is the most important message.  Trying.

I spent all night up.  And out.

Another time.  Another night.  Last thing on my list.  And I believe I’ll get there.  Just not today.  Or tonight.  As a result however, I’ve gotten better at using the camera for time lapse (thank you Sean Harris), learned things I never knew about nature and the sun and radiation particles, and spent hours more in my own head, and outside, and with God.  And that’s a great thing .  Something good always comes from trying.  Something.

So beyond the education and preservation sides of The Lighthouse Endeavor project, there is this other component.  I hope that what I’m doing inspires others to step outside their own comfort zone, and try something they are not comfortable with.  Take a risk.  For yourself, and for others.  Be a builder, or a sharer.  Or the greatest thing I think, a teacher.

On other notes, we are now in discussions with a number of area schools including Bay Ridge Elementary, Washington Academy, Washington County Community College and University of Maine Machias, to begin phase two of the educational side of this program.  I have great anticipation and am already thankful for their interest.

I am also thankful for the onset of daylight savings time (thanks Ben).

And I have been reticent to change the settings on my camera from what Sean instructed me to do to take night shots, so there are no snaps to share.

The moon has been shockingly full, as has my heart, with the conversations I have had over the last few days with many new, and old friends.  The people of Cutler, and Washington County, continue to demonstrate their amazing kindness and caring.  Particular thanks to Norb, Hillary, Nick & Belinda, Stephen, Anne, Dave & Cheryl, and of course and as usual, Tim and Kathy.  I am blessed.

Not my finest post, but the Light is on.  Good Enuf.


3 Responses to “Day 155 – Sunday, March 11, 2012”

  1. Dave says:

    Not your best post? I think it speaks volumes. You are back and we are so pleased. Keep it coming my friend.

  2. Bill Kitchen says:

    best thing you could have said to me my friend

  3. Joe Dowling says:

    Bill, I look every day with anticipation for your writings. Bookmarked on my favorites bar. Sometimes I am concerned when you have not posted for a few days that there has been an issue with the electron flow from the island, or the weather has caused problems, or whatever… Keep writing and reaching out. We care!


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