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Day 169 – Sunday, March 25, 2012


The horizon is misty grey although the bell buoy, which remains visible, makes no sound.  Snow is falling and the grass has turned decidedly greener, in just the last 36 hours.  Several tankers have crossed today, jets continue to leave trails across the sky’s expanse, (I often think of the trails, and trials, of people going here and there), the flag is slack, the seas are calm, but I am expecting more rain, snow and especially wind over the next day.

I spent a full day yesterday working with Norb on the Maineland.  He split, and I stacked.  Over three cords of wood.  On pallets.  They will be his home heat next year, after seasoning.  Hard work, but good work.  He is special to me.  Kind.  Patient.  Incredibly smart.  I learn a lot from him.  And value his company.  A treasure.  And he has lots of “toys”.








I am sore today.  Will be more sore tomorrow.  Physical labor is great though.  My wrists, which have been broken multiple times, were challenged, and ache, but I am thankful for the opportunity.  I worked as hard as I could.  I will always work for him.

I have discovered that wood is just cool.  Fascinating.  I never used to like it if not painted, but now am amazed at its intricacy, and individuality.  Here’s another shot…of wood…(worth double clicking)




And he picked me up, returned me with a few beers, and some fish stew that his son-in-law Anthony, from London, made when he was here last.  I had it last night.  It was incredibly tasty.  Nice.  And his daughter Christina has now sent her book to the publisher.  Wow.  Such an achievement.  I can’t wait to read it.  I would like to write a book.  I will let you know when hers is out.  Probably June.

He and Jeremy worked on the F/V Charlene Gail the day before.  People help each other here.  Love that.









Seamond Roberts sent me a care package, a Cajun Care Package, for which I’m incredibly grateful.  And of all the stuff she put in there, Cajun stuff, perhaps I am most grateful for the Tabasco Sauce, which I continue to forget to buy, every time I am at the grocery store.  By the way, if “Seamond” is not the coolest name for a girl on the planet, I don’t know what is.

I have taken again to listening to nothing but the French radio stations.  My French is coming back.  I love it on packaging.  I love hearing it spoken.  Hearing it sung.

Today’s sunrise was striking.  The sun has begun to swing back to the east.  Over Grand Manan.  Or in truth, we have turned…the sun remains the same.  “Red in the morning, sailors take warning”.  Storm’s coming.

It’s still a few weeks before the Fishermen start laying traps, but it’s coming.  They are prepping.  New traps and newly painted buoys cover the lawns and yards.  Trucks arrive at the wharfs.  The radio has begun to bleed more chatter.  I look forward to it and hope to go out.  Elvers – eels, are currently getting $2,200 per pound.  That’s nuts.  A friend of a friend got nine pounds yesterday.  That’s  almost $20,000.  You can’t get a license though.  But the fine is only a hundred bucks or so.  Small price to pay.  Although like the “draggers” they all don’t follow the same protocols the lobster fishermen do.  Sustainability is the key to all natural industries.  Maine Lobstermen learned that a long time ago.  We should be grateful.

On other notes, Kathy Finnegan has made some changes to the Little River Light website shop.  I hope you will visit it.  We are in sincere need of funding to paint the tower, and the inside and outside of the Keeper’s House.  Not to mention other stuff.  We live in the poorest county in Maine, and one of the poorest in the country.  We don’t have the tourist traffic or the wealthy summer community much of the rest of coastal Maine has.  We need your help, if you can.  I will continue to share this Endeavor, reach out to educational institutions and other non-profits, post pictures I hope you enjoy, but we need your tax-deductible help, here:

I’ve left the Light on.  Thanks for checking in, and sharing.  Good Enuf.


10 Responses to “Day 169 – Sunday, March 25, 2012”

  1. Billy,
    Another great post. This one is a mile marker in the sense that you are witnessing the awakening of the island and down east. Spring has sprung but winter has a few more licks to get in. You did it though. You survived the worst winter threw at you and you are still standing. You know first hand how difficult it was for keepers of old . Well done.

  2. Bill Kitchen says:

    thanks dave. yes, i think winter has a few more licks too. and yes, looks like i made it. but i got lucky too. i can only imagine how challenging it must have been. and i understand why it was so good to have a bunch of kids. thanks for the compliment on the post. continuing to work hard, but loving it.

  3. Pamela Keogh says:

    Bill —

    You are right, “Seamond” is an intensely cool name… and this from someone who has two nephews named “Fitzwilliam” and “Aidan.”

    The cherry blossoms are all out in Central Park, and we are enjoying a tremendously gorgeous Spring here. Love reading your posts. You should write a book someday — in English or (assuming it keeps improving) French.


    • Bill Kitchen says:

      yes, glad you think so.
      btw, kate hepburn’s estate in CT is on the market for $30m
      spring is beautiful.
      and, i could get no higher praise than that, from you.
      it means the world to me that you of all people are reading them, like them, and think i should write.
      xoxo lots

  4. Laura says:

    I double clicked on the wood and you are so right, it is so cool. It would make a great series of paintings or large scale photos for the back of a restaurant. I am on my island right now with Charlie on spring break enjoying how quiet it is. Yet, you can tell spring is about to come and folks will come with that. talk soon.

  5. Bill Kitchen says:

    yes, i fully agree with you. perfect for a restaurant. glad that you’re on island. snowed today. just a dusting. we sooo need to raise money if you have any “friends” you can put me in touch with. we are a 501c3. have to get the tower painted. and fund The Endeavor. otherwise, i hope you’re well. let me know how long you’ll be there and when you can chat.

  6. Arthur says:

    Interesting and creative rope work and knot variety on those pallet stakes. Some of the knots I can identify, but others ???

  7. Donna says:

    Good stuff and loved the sunrise picture. Now I start the day craving fish stew….. a true New England girl! Thanks for posting.

  8. Bill Kitchen says:

    glad you like it donna. and yes, you must be a true NE girl. thanks for reaching out. stay in touch.


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