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Day 173 – Thursday, March 29, 2012

“Wind, Wollops and Snow Globes”

The sky has slipped into the ocean, taking the horizon along with it.  The day’s light hangs on, for another hour or so, illuminating intricate flakes of frozen water for my viewing pleasure.  I had hoped for at least one more snow, and got it.  Newly green blades of grass, whited-out in spots, strive and strain to bring a mottled and mismanaged tapestry to the lawn.  In just as many sections strewn across the yard, puddles of white fill in the remaining pockets.  The catwalk is already covered, and was within the first fifteen minutes.  The trees have begun to acquiesce, benevolent, if not flat-out willing this time.

The snow does not so much as drift in, but swirls, like my favorite snow globe remembered from Christmas’ past.  I am being blessed with at least one more visit.  One that comforts this most northeastern island lighthouse in the US with enchanted grace.  Unlike the past falls, this one is just spray painted on the fir boughs, not dolloped.  Despite the fact that I am running short on pellets, (I have three more days left on island at best), I do not tire of this countenance, nor would I trade it for the hardship it may bring to the planned export, and import of pellets this Friday or Saturday.  It is a better than fair trade.

The harbor is showing increasing signs of life.  Boats are being hauled for repairs, being readied for the coming season.  This is the “F/V Brittan A”, Skipper Michael Porter, aka “The Duke”, being hauled out by Nick and Norb and Trev, to be trailored to Norb’s shop for some hull work…













The “F/V Sundown”, Skippered by (Bob) Robert Allen Cates, Jr., was also hauled and is going through some extensive work.  It is amazing how much work goes into maintaining these vessels for their dangerous, and daily work.  Far more important than survival suits, GPS, flashlights and horns, is the plainly simple fact that you need to make sure that your boat works.  As best it can.







The wind has gone somewhere else.  For a while anyway.  While it was here, the Keeper’s House hummed.  A low, drumming, monotone, maybe even minor-key humm.  Not unlike a distant freight train.  But loud.  And with a distinct vibration that changes this house when it does.  The windows rattled as their sashes smacked together, on half second notes.

I spent Tuesday night, from 10 pm until almost 6 am, watching a streaming video of the 5 rocket NASA launch, from the Wallops base off the coast of Virginia.  (Thanks Doug Dobey for tipping me to this in the first place).  I had hoped that I might get a glimpse of it and went outside to look, but no such luck.  Some in Massachusetts saw it, but I was too far north.  Nonetheless, it was a spectacular experience to be a part of, even online.  Here’s a pic…





Due to ongoing internet challenges, no fault of Axiom, I called Tim and Kathy from the catwalk halfway to the Boathouse about 5 pm this afternoon.  While on the phone one of the eagles flew over my head, circled, and landed in a tree about 60 yards away.  I then heard the high tone shrieks of what I think has to be an eaglet.  Early I know for this part of the country, but it has been an unusually mild winter.  And it was “dinner time”.  I walked into the forest to the point where I thought it landed, looked up the largest tree in the area, probably 80 feet, and saw the nest.  In fact, it was the same tree the eagles had made a nest in two years ago when they had the eaglet.  Just as I was staring up its trunk, an adult took off, obviously aware of my presence, and perhaps annoyed, over my head.  I not only saw it but heard, and felt the flutter of its massive wings.  I did not move.  Stood stone still.  And watched it circle.  As it did, it made an almost duck-like sound.  A clicking quacking almost.  Whether it was a warning to me, or a comfort to the nest I do not know.  A squirrel not far was busy sounding the alarm…a chirping.  Not the usual sound they make when they are just perturbed that I am there.  This was an alarm.  Here’s a look, albeit blurry, up the tree to the nest which has to be at least six by six…





Not wanting to disturb them I left fairly quickly.  As I walked back through the thickly wooded forest I was struck by the number of pine cones that were settled in peculiar and precarious places.  They could not have just fallen there.  Perhaps the squirrels place them there, above ground, so in the event of snow, they have them to eat.  Here’s a couple of shots…







I also came across a lemon, dried and slightly withered, in the middle of this stand of trees that is at least a quarter of a mile from the Keeper’s House, and the spot where I have my compost pile.  How did it get here?  A crow?  A squirrel?  Some creature carried it here, and then left it.  Bitterly.  Or forlorn.  Or just disappointed.  A lot of work for nothing.  Just so random…and unexpected.  In the middle of the forest???






The new issue of Lighthouse Digest is out and here’s the cover.  If you enjoy following The Endeavor, you should subscribe…



Thanks Caryl and Bob Gorman for your recent contribution to Little River Light and The Lighthouse Endeavor.  This project cannot go on without financial support.  If you can, please do.  And it’s tax-deductible.  And….we need to paint the Tower and the Keeper’s House.  All this just doesn’t work without you.


Thanks for reading, Liking, sharing, and giving.  I’ve left the Light on.  Again.  Good Enuf.



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  1. Donna says:

    Although spring teased us too it’s currently sprinkling white flakes south of you, waaay south here in central Mass. I am jealous of your Eagle experience. Eagles, so I have read, offer spiritual protection, carry prayers, and bring strength, courage, wisdom, illumination of spirit, healing, creation, and knowledge of magic. Here’s hoping the Eagle siting aids you in replenishing your pellet supply.!!! Enjoyed this thread immensely!

  2. Bill Kitchen says:

    thanks donna! yes, they are so special. and i do believe they bring all those things. i am headed into town today to work for norb, then he is going to help me get more pellets onto the island. so glad you enjoyed the post and please keep the comments coming.


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