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Day 184 – Monday, April 9, 2012

“Easter Settings”

Despite the fact that it has snowed at some point, every day for the last five, the season is changing.  And I have continued to welcome, relish, revel in, and enjoy these dustings of white that change this, the most northeastern island Lighthouse in the US.

I am well aware that every one may be the last.

Things on this island are becoming greener.  Birds sing louder.  And the squirrels seem to dart faster through the enchanted forest.

There are fewer logging trucks, packed high with timber along the only and winding road in and out of Cutler, and the fishermen have begun “setting” traps.  More and more boats are back in the water, loaded and ready.  The wharfs are active and not empty, and the VHF radio has come back to life, with men talking to one another about weather, gear, and equipment.  And wives checking in.







It is welcome.  A passage.  A turning point in time.




Norb, Trav and Lee loading the F/V Christina Marie






I have passed the halfway mark that we set out to achieve of one year, although this increasingly appears to be a three-year project to do the things we’d like to do to preserve this Lighthouse, and turn it into an educational facility.  Funding is critical.

Easter Sunday was a blessing.  The tides were in my favor and I left the island before 9am, headed to an open breakfast at the Head Of The River church, about a mile outside the Village, and the point that I get my internet signal from.  The metaphor behind that is not lost on me.

At least a hundred people were gathered inside, sitting along six-foot tables strung together by faith.  Interestingly, it was the men of the church that cooked, served and cleaned.  I was struck by that, and figure that it’s been done that way for 150 years.  I was welcomed and warmed.   And fed.  With food, community and caring, and again realized just how incredibly blessed I am here.  Cutler is an unusually special place where people just plain take care of one another.

It was snowing blizzard-like most of the day although that did not stop the kids from a fervent hunting of eggs.  And Andy Patterson, the Village MC, pied piper, Mac-spert, pilot, and Captain of the Puffin Tours led the kids in song.


I met the Pastor, Scott Porter, who is also the Superintendent of Schools, and should be a great resource for our educational Endeavor.  I ducked out of service there halfway through to head to the church in Cutler Village proper, another unique and special moment.  Pastor Patty gave a great sermon and I was again blessed, to sing, and hold someone’s hand, in this case Kathy, my guardian angel here.





Saturday I went into Machias, “town”, to the local library where Delia Farris, the granddaughter of Ruth Farris (along with Celia), the last woman to raise a family here, spoke at Children’s Storytelling Hour, about lighthouses.  Again, another privilege.







Another sign of the changing season is the blueberry field burnings.  As I understand it, you have to burn them every other year.  I will find out more about that, but the scarred and torched turf is unmistakably a sign of spring.






The moon has been striking and spectacular…







Again, a Happy Easter, Passover (Chag Sameach), and spring to all.  And if Bubba Watson, in all white to raise attention for children with birth defects, a pink driver to call attention to breast cancer, a newly adoptive Dad, and a man not unwilling to show his emotion, who won the Master’s yesterday, isn’t the coolest guy on the planet right now, I don’t know who is.  I am inspired.  If you don’t know the story, take the time to check it out.  It is wonderful to have an ordinary person be a hero.

As always, thanks.  This Light has never burned brighter.  Good Enuf.


6 Responses to “Day 184 – Monday, April 9, 2012”

  1. Seamond says:

    Your picture shows it – have you ever noticed how kindly the moon shines on a lighthouse?

  2. elayne kitchen says:

    Another wonderful post and as usual it gives credits to everyone except The Keeper.
    You are an Easter Blessing…..A Keeper ……and my sun….mb

  3. David Corbett says:

    Your story reminds me of the story my father, Myron, told of how special Easter Services were to the family. It was always a treat to get to the “mainland” and away from island life if only for a brief while. Easter meant the whole family would be there and the fellowship of friends and neighbors was always so much appreciated. He told of how my grandmother seldom had the opportunity to socialize and Easter was one of those times when she could. Thanks for the memories Bill.

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      You’re so welcome Dave. It is my privilege. Nice to know that it reminded you of those precious memories. It was unbelievably special for me.

  4. Cheryl Crigger says:

    It’s hard to believe that you’ve passed the half way point of your endeavor already! I’m sure it will be a sad time for you when the time comes for you to finish what you set out to do.
    Your five snows go against the saying of three snows after the forsythia blooms. Of course you might not have a forsythia bush around you either, ha! We haven’t had our three snows and the forsythias have been done blooming for a couple of weeks, fine with me.
    Love the lighthouse moon picture. Good to read that it sounds like you had a good Easter.
    May God continue to be with you.


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