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Day 205 – 4.27.12


I am now going to post something, every day.  Some of them will be brief.  But hopefully all will be educational, or enlightening, or at least an enjoyable read.


In the early 1900′s, the American Tobacco Company offered a series of 50 collector cards in packages of Hassan Cigarettes.  The front of each card featured a colorful rendering of a famous American Lighthouse, and a description and short history of the Light on the back.  This is Nubble Light.  You can learn more at  They, American Tobacco and Hassan, were often wrong, like completely way wrong….  Check the two pics…

The Light is on.  Good Enuf.


3 Responses to “Day 205 – 4.27.12”

  1. Arthur says:

    So what is this light wrongly identified as Nubble?

    • Tim Harrison says:

      Hassan Cork Tip Cigarettes issued a variety of collector cards as package stiffeners and to also help promote their products by encouraging people to collect all the cards in any given series. The lighthouse cards were issued in the early 1900s. The company sent a description of the 50 lighthouses chosen to an artist in Germany to paint them. The artist never had any photographs and painted the images from the description that he had been given. The exception was when the artist found an image in an encyclopedia or a magazine to go by. Some of the images were very close to what the real lighthouse looked like and others were not. However, all the images painted were truly a work of art. These cards are highly sought after by collectors. However, be warned, a few years back, Harbour Lights issued a series of replicas of these cards, so if you purchase them be careful of the replica cards and the real ones. There are some people selling the replica cards on E-Bay as the real cards. Over the years Lighthouse Digest magazine has done stories about lighthouse collector cards and if folks want to learn more they should subscribe. You’ll find a lot of information in the pages of the magazine that you will never find on the Internet.


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