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Day 209 – Tuesday, May 1, 2012

” Dandelions, Daffodils and May Day”

Just a simple Dandelion.

Truly beautiful.  And sometimes, that’s all that matters.  Something just that simple.  A dandelion.  Edible.  Native to North America and Eurasia.  Referred to as a weed.  And the seeds are produced without pollination, resulting in offspring that are genetically identical to the parent plant.  Fascinating.

And the signaling of the coming of a new season.  Spring has sprung.   Or at least begun to, here on this the most northeastern island lighthouse in the US.  I was actually told that I am probably the only non-government employed person on the east coast that actually lives alone, on an island lighthouse, on the east coast.  Kind of cool.


I went into town yesterday and the daffodils are out.  Everywhere.  It’s the first sign.  Well not actually.  The first sign is the boats with traps.  And they’re all out now.  I like it.  They’re my company.  Them, and the radio.  VHF that is.

I mowed the lawn.  I’ve mowed a lot of lawns in my life.  This one is the hardest.  And also the best.  I have to still remind myself to “look up” when I do.

The Eagles were out yesterday.  I finally got a reasonable snap.  I’m sure they were thinking that I might have another lobster in a bucket for them.  Easy pickins.  Not today.






The ocean looked mean.  Dark and Stormy…











I love the tankers, although better when there’s a tug towing them.






The light turned glinty late in the day….






The Tower, with tree shadow…








A real egg from Teri’s farm….







And a really interesting historic item from this Lighthouse…check it here for more info…




Oh, and one last pic…



The horn blows.  The Light is on.  Good Enuf.


7 Responses to “Day 209 – Tuesday, May 1, 2012”

  1. elayne kitchen says:

    Wow a Dandy Lion now that is something we dont see in Arizona.
    Hardy can believe that your lawn needed to be mowed so early….
    I guess Spring has sprung…..
    Loved all the shots especially Shadow on the Lighthouse, Flyin High Eagle
    and Eggs-actly the weirdest egg I’ve seen…… “atta eye Billy”

  2. David Corbett says:

    You talked about mowing the lawn. I know that it is a major task. It brings to mind a conversation I had with Neil and Purcel Corbett, my uncles, about when they lived on the island. I was curious as to who had to mow the lawn. It seems that nobody had to as they maintained a cow and other grazing animals. It seems that any grass was consumed just as fast as it could grow. Ah, the good old days!

  3. Arthur says:

    The lawn does appear somewhat different than in years past.

    1847 tower:

    1876 tower:

    (I posted these two days ago in reply to another but they remain waiting for moderation)

  4. Cheryl Crigger says:

    We’ve had such a weird winter here in Columbus OH that we’ve had dandelions blooming off & on all winter :-( I was able to find a bottle of Weed be Gone that hooks up to the hose & you just spray it. I was so glad to find it because I had way too many to walk around & use the squirt bottle, ha!
    Unfortunately my forsythia bush & spring flowering bulbs are done blooming, but now my perennials are starting, along with the Stella d’Oro day lilly. And alas, I saw a male ruby throated hummingbird yesterday & the female today, hooray! First time to see them this early, usually it’s mid-May before I see them & everybody else around here would see them weeks before me. They are so fun to watch & I have some great pictures from past years of them in flight.
    Keep the posts coming, enjoy reading them. God be with you.

  5. Cheryl Crigger says:

    Forgot to say, great pics you posted, as usual, & Happy May Day :-)

  6. Will Cloud says:

    Thanks for the blog. The mangrove forest here in Pak Nam Pran, Thailand is half way around the world from your lighthouse. Living on a sailboat keeps me connected with nature.


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