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Day 213 – Saturday, May 5, 2012

“SuperMoon Cinco Saturday”

The weather has not worked out particularly well for me here when it comes to celestial events – meteor showers, rocket launches, Northern Lights, etc.  It’s not looking particularly promising for the SuperMoon either.  In fact, right now it’s visibly misting, overcast and foggy.  I am hoping for a change.  However, as I’m writing this, this afternoon, it has actually begun to clear a bit.   My fingers are crossed.

Last night however was an Almost SuperMoon.  Got a couple of snaps in the harbor, as I went for a little “joyride”.  Because I could.











The picture I posted yesterday of the strange boat was identified for me by Bob Trapani, Executive Director of the American Lighthouse Foundation.  The M/V ISLAND TRANSPORTER was built at Rockland Marine and launched in the spring of 2000.  It is 95 feet, equipped with twin engines, and is capable of carrying loads up to 100 tons of gross weight.  I believe “M/V” stands for “motor” or “marine” vessel.  Maybe someone can clarify that.  You can learn more about it here…  and see a snap Bob took back in December in Rockland…







Un-shopped God-clouds in the harbor yesterday evening too…







Boon Island Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in Maine, and Halfway Rock Lighthouse, in Casco Bay, Maine have both been declared excess property and are being offered up for adoption under the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act.  You can learn more at …and if you’re smart, figure out how to live there…



Thanks also to Mary Kennedy for her generous donation to help paint the Tower.  We have a long way to go and every little bit helps, so if you can, please do.

A snap of jet vapor trails, very prevalent here.  I often think of the 300 or more people on  each of those planes, as they’re flying to Iceland, London, Paris and the like, and that they each have individual stories to tell.  I wonder if they think of me.







And some crates on the wharf, a shockingly colorful place…







The Horn sounds.  And the Light is Super shining.  Good Enuf.


6 Responses to “Day 213 – Saturday, May 5, 2012”

  1. Carole says:

    Casco Bay also has Island Transporters (I believe they and the company in Rockland are owned by the same people) I have seen these work horses of boats countless times in the Portland area. For some reason I never get sick of seeing them.

    Sorry about the weather issues concerning the Super Moon. I have a great sky here in Biddeford, it looks like it is going to be a cloudy night.

  2. Bill Kitchen says:

    Thanks Carole. I like them too. Good luck with the moon. And I want to again thank you for the packages you have sent me. So special. Love them. And I carry the mermaid charm in my change pocket, in every pants I wear, always.

  3. elayne kitchen says:

    good show……thanks

  4. Karl leighton says:

    I belive the M/V Islander Transport is envolved with moving salmon out to the pens.They put the whole truck on the boat and take it out.My son works for the salmon company and helps ship the salmon.

  5. Cheryl Crigger says:

    My first thought of the M/V Island Transporter was Martha’s Vineyard & when I went to their website it showed a picture of it headed to Vinylhaven. So maybe that’s what M/V is for, just a thought.
    Great pics, as usual.


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