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Day 214 – Sunday, May 6th, 2012

“SuperMoon, Super Sun, Super Skiff”

Well it finally cleared last night around 10 pm.  I don’t know my camera well enough yet to know how to shoot this, and I still have problems downloading/uploading everything off/on the card.  It was spectacular nonetheless, and here’s a couple of snaps.  I will work on others and if any are OK, I will post them tomorrow.








I have seen lots of others online, emailed, and fb’d.  Many are stunning.  Commercial Media can be a wonderful thing too.  ”The Dubbing of “The SuperMoon“.  Google it.

On a quick little joyride into the Village I noticed a J14 skiff hung up on one of the wharfs.  I stopped at Jeremy’s for help/suggestions and we both went down to free her.  Took a little bit, but that’s what happens around here.  People look out for others.  I am blessed that I get to sometimes.











It was a 15 ft. high tide and would have been completely vertical in another hour or two.  Unlikely she would have held.  When the water came back she probably would have been lost.








In the Village today, there was lots of yard activity.  Parents playing ball with their Kids,  Parents lying in the grass with their Kids, on dandelions and buttercups, and Parents playing “Horsey”.    Cutler Village remains a shockingly, and lovingly, simple place.  I imagine most Lighthouses were like that too.



A sea-plane flew over today.  One of my favorite things.  Can’t think of much more romantic than that.   Hoping that one comes to pick me up at the end of the dock, fly me around, and drop me and a woman back on the dock.  We’ll walk home from there.  Sorry.  No pics – too fast.


Here’s a snap of today’s SuperSunrise






I have put in an “App” for a personal Trap license but haven’t heard back yet.  And Tim & Kathy got the “Mac” boat back in the water today.  She’s been out since the Autumn.  Thank you both.  One last shot of the SuperMoon…fish-eyed, and blowed-up…(double-click it)…








Horn sounds.  Light is bright.  Good Enuf.


13 Responses to “Day 214 – Sunday, May 6th, 2012”

  1. Mary Kennedy says:

    I really appreciate you posting your thoughts about life where you are and the village . It sounds sooo idealic !!! Unreal, as to where I live. Won’t see parents and children out together.Children raising themselves is more like it around here unfortunately. Just keep up the good work, pics are great. Love the really old one. that Terry put on. Had so many questions about it, when you enlarge it. But won’t ask, because it is no help finding the age of the photo !!!

  2. Bill Kitchen says:

    thanks mary. my blessing. ayup, think it’s special too. parents with kids. not even just standing on the sideline, but playing with them. and the old pic, hmmm. no answers here either.

  3. Mary Kennedy says:

    Sorry that I said Terry instead of Timothy, sooo sorry Timothy !!!

  4. Carole says:

    In the area of West Hartford CT where I lived before I moved to Maine, had good size houses on small size lots. It also had an A+ grammar and Jr. and High Schools all within walking distance. As a result many people who could afford bigger houses with more land did not move. This mean anytime I took a walk you would see children playing with and without parents. (I have never been married and I do not have any children unless you count my 3 year young cat Andre’ Me U – I got him from an animal shelter when he was 6 months old)

    Yes, Cutler Maine seems like a very special place.

  5. Bill,
    You have sparked an old memory from when I was a child visiting my relatives in Cutler. I was about 9 years old and was playing on the whorf that Norb and Nick now own. It was my uncle Glenn’s then. (Celia’s father) A yaght sailor had come into the harbor and tied up to the wharf. It was just past high tide at the time and the man from the yaght tied up and said that he would be right back. He was headed to the store that Ray McKeen owned which was just across the street from the wharf. I remember one of the fisherman, whose name I can’t recall, said “I wouldn’t do that if I were you”. The yaght sailor said it would be OK, he was only going to be a short time and he headed for Ray’s store. I don’t know how long he was gone but it wasn’t too awfully long. I was headed off the wharf when he ran past me shouting my boat, my boat. He caused so much disturbance that I of coarse followed him. It seems that he had tied his boat off fast to the wharf and the tide had begun to recede putting a great deal of stress on the line and the cleats on the boat. Ultimately he had to cut the lines so that he could save the boat from capsizeing. All ended well but he had to cut both his stern and bow lines. Moral of the story is………………..When one of the local fisherman says ” I wouldn’t do that if I were you” …..listen.

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      dave, your remembrances are a treasure. thanks for sharing. and yes, listen to the fishermen. always.

    • Tim Harrison says:

      Graet story. This actually happend to Mr. Hal one time. Fortunatlely there was no damage to the boat, it just hung there until the tide came back in.

  6. elayne kitchen says:

    Delightful post… happy to get a glimpse of Cutler via a pic……thanks.
    Happy to hear you have never lost your “rescue” skills or that personality that goes with it.
    The skiff is safe and another day the God is proud of you. Our moon was GO geous but my photo talent is lacking…….. love ya

  7. Carole says:

    Elayne having never seen your photos I cannot say if you have talent or not. You do my dear, dear lady have a caring soul, a way of writing that touches the heart and you are a good Mother. I am very sure that you have many special gifts of your own.

  8. Cheryl Crigger says:

    Love the “Super Moon” pics. So sorry your sky was cloudy, but they’re good anyway. We had clear skies here in Columbus OH & I was able to take two when it was first up, they looked orange & you could see the “man in the moon”. I didn’t take any more since I live in the city & neighbors were out & was afraid they would accuse me of taking pics of them. One summer my daughter was taking pics of the hummingbirds & there were some little girls in the background & they ran to their mom saying my daughter was taking pictures of them. Wouldn’t you know it, they called the sheriff on us. The girls weren’t in the pics & my daughter showed them to the sheriff, so we’re careful now.
    Enjoy your posts & pics very much.

  9. Joe Dowling says:

    I always look forward to your posts and the comments people write to you about their experiences in Cutler and Down East Maine!


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