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Day 225 – Thursday, May 17, 2012

“A Shining Light”



A sunny day where the temperature eclipsed 60, and a starry night with a frost warning.  I’m glad I haven’t planted anything yet.  And this is DownEast Maine. This morning I headed in to check on the “Mac Boat” again, a fiberglass Nautilus, which is tied up on the wharf and continues to take on water in her starboard side at an alarming rate.  She was listing even more.  Halfway across a blustery harbor driven by a west wind, (my worst nightmare), the engine began to falter.  If I lost power I would have to react quickly, throwing an anchor and radioing a May Day.  Playing the choke against the throttle, I barely kept it firing, crawling towards a course that would bring me closer to shore, and the abandoned salmon pens.  I limped in.  It can be very scary at times.

I called Tim and Kathy to tell them about the Mac and we decided to pull her out tomorrow at high water, 10am, and drain her bottom once again.  We’ll see.

I spent the next few hours in town, getting my car serviced, and getting a hair cut (which hasn’t happened in months), and other mundane chores like that.  A big thank you to the folks at Johnson’s Town Line Automotive, especially George, Anne and Blake for taking special care of me.

The wharf remains a flurry of activity, even if the catch does not.  Further south DownEast, where the water is warmer, they are catching a surprising number of “Shedders”, which you may recall are lobsters that have recently molted, or shed their shell in order to grow a larger one.  See, the shell does not grow.  The lobster inside does, and needs a “bigger home” if you will.  Anyway, highly unusual for the beginning of the season and not good for the fishermen.  Shedders don’t travel well.  As a result, the price they fetch at the dock is currently $3 a pound, versus $5 a pound for hard shells.  No one knows why this is happening.  I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s a few shots of wharf activity – buckets of redfish bait…










The afternoon was yardwork and emails and outreach for financial support.  And a continuing quest to catch the red squirrel living upstairs.  He or she has eaten the bait in the Havahart trap, but not tripped it.  And search that I might, I can find no signs of its existence, other than the periodic sound of scampering and darting feet above me.  I’m no annoyed and am beginning to consider other measures…

You may have noticed that I have added new “Social Buttons” to the Keeper’s Journal allowing you to like, and share, and stuff like that.  It now also includes LinkedIn.  A very excitingly, a “Pin It” button on the bottom.  If you haven’t checked out Pinterest, you need to.  One of the coolest social media platforms ever, and already the third largest.  And it’s fun and easy.  Thanks to my friend Trevor Holewinski for making this happen.





And while I’m on the subject of thanks, thanks to Nick, Captain of the F/V Phantom, and Bob, Captain of the F/V Patriot, for helping me figure out the issues with my outboard.  The trip back to the island was without incident and she was running fine.

And on a sad note, the lighthouse community lost a very special person.  Dee Hoebbel, who served as VP of Friends of Plum Beach Lighthouse in North Kingstown, RI.  She will be missed.  Tonight, this Little River Light shines for you.

You were Good Enuf.


4 Responses to “Day 225 – Thursday, May 17, 2012”

  1. Arthur says:

    Maine red squirrels are Havahart Trap trained at a very early age. They practice taking the bait without tripping the trap.

    Motor problem you describe sounds like fuel problem. Possibly contamination. Perhaps a problem with the fuel line connector at tank or at the motor.

  2. Marjorie Hartnett says:

    Have you tried peanut butter on an English muffin (un toasted)? They get so excited they forget about the trap. No really, worked for us! :) )

  3. Carole says:

    Arthur makes a good point about Maine Red Squirrels. You realize they have their own classes just so they can out fox humans. I have done some reading up on squirrels the recommendations are you may need more than one trap. Do you have any idea of how they are getting into the house, if you can find out place a trap near the opening… Do not close up and opening or holes the squirrels maybe using until you have relocated all of the squirrels.

    One thing I have been told that might work is putting sunflower seeds in your trap. The squirrel will keep on eating and eating and filling its cheeks and it gets caught or trapped. It is kind of like people you see eating at all you can eat diner.

  4. Joan says:

    Ask Arthur about the mink in his house. It is a very entertaining story. Makes good reading and gives you a good chuckle.


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