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Day 227 – Saturday, May 19, 2012


Yesterday, we once again pulled the Mac Boat as she had again taken on an enormous amount of water in the starboard side of her hull, and was listing even further below her water line.  Tim, Kathy and myself, and this time with the help of Tyler Warner, who had volunteered to help.  He is the son of Jeanine Drouin and step-son of Captain John Drouin.


We went through the routine of getting her onto the trailer that was backed down the boat ramp, pulling her out of the water, releasing the plugs in her stern, and releasing “the hounds”.  Tyler, proved to be not just strong, but smart.  He was extremely knowledgeable and among other things, thought to taste the water as it was streaming from the plug and immediately judged it as fresh, meaning that it had to be rainwater and the leak had to be on the deck.  As she drained, we searched, and ultimately discovered that the water was entering through the battery compartment, where the cables ran into the hull, and the packing that had been there was no longer.  Mystery solved.  Big repair bill averted.  We hope.






Big thanks to Tyler for both his time, and ingenuity.  And my additional thanks to Tim and Kathy for once again taking time out of their busy day, to help with mine.







I received a great email from an avid follower and supporter, Isaac Stephenson, who sent me a snap of his new “LRL” airport oval sticker, which he has proudly placed on his kayak.  This is taken in Lubec, just north of me and just short of the Canadian border.  Thanks Isaac!  Paddle On!


I would love others to send in photos of their LRL stickers, whether it’s on their bumper, window, boat, or wherever else you decide to place it.  I’ll try to post them all.  Maybe we’ll even do a contest.  If you don’t yet have one, they can be yours for a donation of $25 or more.  Of course the greater your donation, the greater the gifts you receive.  But they all come with a sticker.


Thanks.  Fog Horn sounds.  Lights on.  Good Enuf.



2 Responses to “Day 227 – Saturday, May 19, 2012”

  1. Tim Harrison says:

    I finally put my LRL sticker on my back car window. Neat to see the one on the kayak. Hopefully cars and boats all over the United States will soon be displaying the LRL decal for Little River LIghthouse.

    • Arthur says:

      LRL Sticker —–$25 Light Dues, like later years of Trinity House.

      Trinity House ran into financial difficulties early in its existence, but in 1594 the High Lord Admiral of England, Lord Howard Effingham, gave up his traditional rights to perks obtained from selling ballast to ships unloading their cargoes in the port of London. The revenue was diverted to Trinity House, which took over the responsibility for dredging shingle stone from the Thames and selling it to masters of ships needing ballast. The money helped the organization to begin building lighthouses that were badly needed along the east coast to protect merchant ships engaged in coal trade between Newastle and London. To maintain these lighthouses, a levy of twelve pence per ton was imposed on all ships sailing from the ports of Newcastle, Boston and King’s Lynn.

      Little River Island has a supply of shingle stone near the boathouse but there presently is no significant demand for stone ballast for ships. And collecting a levy imposed on the ships passing the lighthouse would be rather difficult.


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