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Day 230 – Tuesday, May 22, 2012

“Of Mice and Men”

I was away for a few days, for my nephew Chase’s Confirmation.  Happy to be home, in Cutler.  And it’s been a thick and foggy day, all day.  The lobsters have still not arrived, and many a fisherman is saying that this is the harbinger of this year’s spring.  They’re not coming, despite the ideal conditions of a mild winter, and warm water.  There is no telling why, and they don’t pretend to know.  Just a complacent acquiescence that this is the way of one of the most mysterious creatures on the planet.  And a consensus that this is the worst spring in 20 years.  It’s not for lack of responsible fishing.  The Maine lobstermen got that a long time ago.  Remain the standard.  However, it remains unexplained.  Just is.  Dock prices have stayed low – $3.25 for shedders and $4.75 for hard shells.  The price has to come up, as there is little in the catch.  What a hard and curious way to make a living.



The squirrel in the Keeper’s House remains at large, although I did discover a new friend last night on the kitchen table.  Les Petites Morong.  A descendant most suredly.  I determined that the only way he or she got there was climbing up my pea coat that was draped over one of the dining room chairs, all the way to the floor.  I won’t be leaving a coat there in the future.  Although it is awfully cute.  I gave him a pistachio, out of my hand.  He was not at all afraid of me, and I liked that.  The squirrel upstairs, however is a different story, and I’m running out of patience.






Upon returning to the island, I discovered that the last float on the dock has separated from the first float.  It is an old float, 13 years or so, and the wood is long rotten and eaten by worms and weather.  I am hopeful that Nick and Norb will help me fix it.  Needless to say, any donations sent specifically ear-marked for this will be used accordingly, and we need them.






Allen Taylor, Captain of the F/V CAT, told me today that one of the classes at nearby Bay Ridge Elementary School made a book about Cutler, and that his daughter drew a picture and wrote a paragraph about Little River Light.  I hope that they can send it to me and I’ll post it.  I hope they will come out to the island soon.  Also, we had a group of students here over the weekend from Washington Academy.  I love when this happens – when we can share a bit of history, and a sense of presence and purpose, with young people.  I look forward to receiving pics from them, which I will of course post.

Sean Harris, my filmmaker friend from DC arrives tomorrow and I’m anxious to get a lot of work done while he’s here.  Oh, and on my return trip, I passed many blueberry fields (forever), and found that they all have boxes of hives of honeybees that have been shipped in.  As you may know, there is an unexplained absence of honeybees in this country of late, and they are critical to the pollination of the blueberries, among other things.  Hence, they now have to pay to bring them in to the fields.  Their boxes, like so many things here in Maine, are quite colorful, even if in a muted sort of way.  How apropos.





Lots to do, and now it’s raining.  Well, misting really.  A special Happy Birthday wish to my “step-daughter”, Peaches.  She’s one of the most talented, smart, funny and beautiful young ladies I’ve ever known.  Happy Birthday Peach!

Tonight this Light shines for you.  I hope you can see it.  Past Glidden.  Good Enuf.


2 Responses to “Day 230 – Tuesday, May 22, 2012”

  1. elayne kitchen says:

    Gotta get all those guys….Rodents are cute but destructive…….
    when you find how they got in…..pack the hole with steel wool…’s the only thing they wont gnaw through. Work fast now before they get at your wiring which they WILL do. Mice are another bother……but they must go too…..for them get the mice pellets yes I know you never want to kill anything but you did blow up carpenter ant hills with firecrackers….get you head into that mentality and let it go. It’s them or you! lymb
    Sorry about the dock……
    Happy Sean has arrived….we all have been waiting for him…..Happy Filming…..

  2. Joan Jellison says:

    Love the boat in the fog. I could live with that picture for ever.


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