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Day 234 – Saturday, May 26, 2012

“Help, Host and Lots Of Visitors, and Working or Helping”

I smell like bait.


It’s an acquired taste of a smell.  I worked hard.  For Bob, Fortin, Captain of the F/V Patriot.  We went out this afternoon, for what turned out to be five hours, setting traps, baiting, and laying long lines for halibut.  Wow.  And I worked hard.  And his wife, Michelle, is amazingly cool.  And she can drive…

I have so much to report, it’s going to take days.  I have gone from being totally alone, to being with 8 people, in the last 48 hours.  Carol and Kurt Harrington were here.  They are very special, and huge supporters of The Endeavor Project.  John Drouin and Janine’s three boys were here, on island, working.  They totally rock.    Tyler, Colbath and Jordan.  Sean and Zina, are also still here.  And they also rock.







We ate fiddleheads, and sauteed dandelion greens, both from the island.   Plus lobsters.  And local scallops.  And olives and cheeses.  This island has everything you could want.  And most of it for free.  Finally burned most of the paper on island.  Down on the rocks at low water, and no wind.


I am wicked tired.  Will write more tomorrow or the next day.  Here’s some cool additional snaps.






5 Responses to “Day 234 – Saturday, May 26, 2012”

  1. linda ryan says:

    Nice to see your kitchen full ….also glad you are working hard. Isn’t it great that a good night’s sleep is to be had just because you have exhausted all of your physical energy, equally amazing that you are rejuvinated and ready to go it again because of the sleep you were blessed to have. I guess it is all jusst that simple. Sleep tight…..

  2. The smell of bait – if I need a fix of this I head down to Cape Porpoise at low tide. It is an acquired smell to be sure. Kind of like mucking out horse pens and turnout yards. (which I have done). Billy of course you are tired – both physical work and brain types of work or focus can wear a person out a bit.

    This past week I was up the mid coast coast Northport ME for a conference with ENCorps (people in Maine over age 50 who do volunteer work here in Maine). I was on the planning committee so I was sort of on duty the entire time. It was great fun – we have a super group of folks here in Maine that do a huge amount of volunteering. I did hand out about 25 or so fliers about Little River Island. I am keeping some of these fliers with me at all times and I hope to get more handed out before the weekend is over.

    Question what is going on about getting the dock at Little River Island repaired???

    What supplies are needed for the upcoming Summer Season at Little River Island?

  3. elayne kitchen says:

    Absolutely fantastic……can hardly wait for the full version….this was truly a teaser.
    Another “diamond web necklace” or this one might be a halter top for a mermaid.
    Fiddle heads, and dandy-lion salad…..surely a gormet delight…..not forgetting the lobsters
    which I hope you saved the claws for Christmas ornaments. Keep us all in the loop……lymb

  4. Epona says:

    Yes working on a fishing boat is hard work. Oh the smell of bait – sometimes I have head down to Cape Porpoise at low tide when need a fix of it. It is an acquired smell to be sure.

  5. Joan Jellison says:

    The smell of a bait house seems to put a smile on my face. Something that goes hand in hand with lobstah and the smell of salt in the air. Wonderful smells of the ocean. When you smell the bait house you know you are all most there!


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