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Day 237 – Tuesday, 29th May, 2012

It’s been an odd couple of days.  Lots of people here, which is weird.  Sean, Zina, Kurt and Carol Harrington, Taylor, Tyler and Colbath, Warner and Drouin.  Been out working with Bob, F/V Patriot, and his wonderful wife, Michelle.   Squirrels.  It’s Memorial Day, and the flag is, and has been at half staff, a symbol of respect for our Veterans.






Sean and Zina have left.  As have the boys, Warners, and Drouins.   They did great work, and we’re going to do some really great things going forward.







I worked on the Patriot yesterday.  Hard.









The squirrels are hanging on the front porch, which is messed up, and they’re fighting, for territory.








Beautiful, urchin candle that Zina did.







Horn is blowin’.  Light is on.  Good Enuf…


6 Responses to “Day 237 – Tuesday, 29th May, 2012”

  1. Cheryl Crigger says:

    Dear Bill,
    Does it seems strange with the quiet now or are you enjoying it? Personally, going from quiet to having a lot of people around, then back to quiet, it would be a mixture for me-to welcome company, but then to enjoy the quiet after they’re gone. Soon you’ll have visitors a lot, teaching them about life at a lighthouse-great time to look forward to.
    Thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and seeing your pictures, even though sometimes I’m a little behind because I don’t get on the computer every day.
    God bless you and be with you in your endeavor.

  2. Bill Kitchen says:

    bittersweet. love it, and it’s hard/strange. i miss them, and i don’t. thanks cheryl, means more to me than you could know. glad you’re checking in.

  3. Epona says:

    Being around or having people around you!?!

    Living somewhat alone (I have a 3 year old cat Andre). Some of us get used being alone – yet it can be and is very lonely at times. I moved here to Maine from CT. In CT I was in places that had crowds of people all the time. On Monday I took the Downeaster train to Boston it was the first time I have taken this train- to visit the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (it was free to attend it on Monday) and of course The Red Socks where playing an afternoon game so this made for more people. I had reverse culture shock – the crowds of people at time and everywhere overwhelmed my senses.

    Living in Maine can change a person. It made me realize what I already know I am a very blessed lady to be living in Southern Maine (depending on point of view Southern Maine is a busy crowded place.) Most of the State of Maine in places like Cutler have very few people, zero crowds and noises. They do have sounds of boats, and fog horns, the wind, the oceans and other things that become the music of daily living.

    Billy, for you living alone on Little River has had its issues but overtime you get used to being alone. I think what you experienced in the past few days is somewhat like watching a baseball game. No action and then action movement on the field and then it is back to very little action.

    Living on an island in Maine even for part of the year is or could be for some of us a state of pure bliss.

  4. Arthur says:

    The Pine Tree Coast, 1891
    Samuel Adams Drake

    And so we went on, crawling up one hill or clattering down another, stared at with wild-eyed astonishment by barefooted children from the roadside, bawled at by men at work in the fields, taking a letter here or a parcel there from women who had snatched up the first thing that came ready to their hands to put on their heads, —that being most often a man’s straw hat,— until the very last of the great granite swells was surmounted that roll themselves together about the little hollow harbor of Cutler.

    As we descended the hill toward the cluster of houses extending only part way along the edge of the harbor below us, a ragamuffin of a boy, who had grown out of his clothing at both ends, called out to us derisively, ” The dogfish have come!” For the information of such of my readers as may be ignorant on the subject, I would remark that this is the name now given to summer visitors along shore, in retaliation for that of ” natives,” which the visitors find so appropriate to the actual residents.

    So the first name was undoubtedly suggested by the fact that those pests to the fishermen always make their unwelcome appearance at the same time that the summer boarder does his.

  5. elayne kitchen says:

    Love all the news……maybe not the Squirrel stuff…..makes me NUTS.
    I know your hate the thought of finding a way to get rid of them there varmits
    but it’s them or you… me I know the damage they will do.Take action now.

  6. Epona says:

    Billy, Please listen to your mother “Elayne” is right as in dead right. If you have several squirrels you will soon have many, many more.

    I happen to like both squirrels and mice but one mouse becomes hundreds of them. If you every watched Star Trek think of “Trouble with Tribbles.” Yes squirrels and mice can be cute however I learned the hard way they do cause damage.


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