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Day 244, Tuesday June 5, 2012

“Volunteers and Attack Of The Killer Red Squirrels”



I picked up Little River Light Volunteer, Lee Leighton, at the Boat Ramp at about ten this morning.  Tim and Kathy helped with the load, and brought some additional supplies for our restoration work, and for me.  Lee has worked on this Keeper’s House every year except one, and was a key figure in its initial, miraculous saving and restoring.  Not only do I greatly appreciate his gracious help and support, but throughout the day he’s been able to share with me numerous stories about the “early days” of this project, which of course I find fascinating.  He’s a great guy, and welcome company.






We spent the day scraping and then plastering the living room, which quite frankly was in serious need.  These walls do not winter well in this salt-blown, island climate.  Tomorrow we paint.












And a red squirrel update…No sooner had I published yesterday’s post when another squirrel magically appeared in the living room, where I was sitting at my laptop.  Where do they keep coming from?  It’s an army.  And an increasingly fierce one.  He nonchalantly walked by me, then proceeded to scamper around the living room, into the kitchen, then back to the foyer to head up the stairs.  I blocked him, whereupon he headed into my bedroom, jumping from dresser, to shelves, to bed, to end table, up my telescope, onto other shelves, across the wall mirror, and back to the dresser.  By now I had blocked off the kitchen and living room and opened the front door (hoping another squirrel wouldn’t come in).  If I could get him out of my bedroom this was his only route.  It was at this point that he jumped an astonishing four feet onto my chest, landing solidly on my sweater, his face an inch from my chin.  I froze.  So did he.  We stayed that way, staring at each other for about 20, very long seconds.  He jumped off just as effortlessly, made one more circle around the bedroom, and with a little corralling, out the front door into the night.  Needless to say, there are no pictures.

The battle raged on and off today, with another in the house, and further measures to seal it (house).  I’m thinking that perhaps it may have finally worked as at least one squirrel, throughout the day, repeatedly did all sorts of physics defying maneuvers on the back porch, trying desperately to find a way into this house.  This included a rather disturbing and alarming spectacle where I witnessed them repeatedly launching themselves at the kitchen window!  They jumped from every possible angle in an effort to get inside.  And with frightening force.  Frankly, it was extreme.  I am thankful for two panes of glass, and am hopeful however that this means they have exhausted all other possibilities.

Tomorrow’s another day.





Thanks again to Tim and Kathy, who were there as usual, and to Lee for his hard work and dedication.  Oh, and some of you have asked about the changes to the website over the weekend.  They were not by design, or my doing.  We are trying to determine what happened, and make it better.

Thanks for checking in.  The wind still blows.  The Fog Horn Sounds.  And the Light is on.  Good Enuf.


11 Responses to “Day 244, Tuesday June 5, 2012”

  1. Mary-Adair Macaire says:

    Regarding red squirrels … perhaps you should appeal to the Brits. They are VERY put out in England that their beloved red squirrels are being killed off by an invasive alien, the “Yank” Grey squirrel. No doubt – if the pests pass their rabies quarantine – the Brits would be “blooming pleased” to take them off your hands.

    Regarding your chin … is that a grey beard I see??

  2. Arthur says:

    Years ago at small vilages and towns of coastal DownEast Maine the folks living there were often plagued by the local squirrel population and also field mice so they resorted to rounding them up, or as many of them as the could catch. Being kind hearted people they could not even think of executing them so instead they took the captive squirrels to a nearby island where they turned them free. I wonder if the folks in Cutler might still —-. No. they wouldn’t. Or would they?

  3. Arthur says:

    Concerning your Nautica boat in photo above. It sure as heck looks like it is sitting darned low in the water, way too low, and not heavily loaded.

  4. Joan Jellison says:

    Hope the squirrels don’t have little ones in the house that they are trying to get to.

  5. Lorie says:

    Funny story. I wonder if the squirrels were trying so hard to get back inside because they have a nest somewhere hidden in the house. May have babies.

    Still enjoying your adventures! Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Epona says:

    Two comments:
    1. The boat looks very or way too low in the water.
    2. Yes I have been wondering if the squirrels have young or new born ones in the house that they are trying to get back to.


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