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Day 95 – Tuesday, January 10, 2012

“Changing Of The Guard”


I was just getting to the Boathouse, where the sheltering pine boughs that stretch overhead and make the catwalk more like a green gabled gauntlet start to thin and the cerulean sky takes over, when I became aware of the building sound of an engine.  I knew right away it was not the decidedly Harley-like “potato-potato” exhaust note that I have come to recognize as the Cutler lobster boats’ signature.  I had just walked the Coast Guard back across the island after their electrical inspection of the tower and the foghorn and my continuing to make a case for an increase in the power of the Tower lamp, (for the benefit of the fishermen who actually still rely on its guidance and switch to “visual” from GPS when they approach the mouth of Little River).  The higher pitched whine led me to think it was some type of single-engine plane, although I rarely see planes of any kind up here.  Before I could see it I was sprinting for the dock while digging in my right jacket pocket for my camera.  I got to the tip of the finger just in time to snap a red and white sea-plane coming in from the west literally buzz straight over my head.  I think there’s something incredibly romantic about sea-planes, although I’ve never been in or on one, nor can I think of any specific instance in my childhood wherein a sea plane figured whatsoever.  For some reason however it brings up a context of exotic, mid-20th century travel, to a place just like this…a remote island packed with pines and ringed with a craggy and sometimes cruel coastline.  It’s not the sharpest but at least you know it’s true.






OK, so these United States Coast Guard guys, and Bob Trapani, Jr. (Exec. Dir. of the American Lighthouse Foundation) look like SuperHeroes from the latest action/adventure film.   And you know, sometimes they actually are SuperHeroes.  I am always grateful for those that serve.



Lots to share as I’ve not only been crazy busy, but I’ve had a little bit of a “writer’s block”, and I was also having tech issues with the website, and now I’m having some scary issues with my MacBook.  If this goes down I’m in big trouble.  And to be honest, I’m having a challenging time just writing this post as my cursor seems to have a mind of its own.  So I wrote about the meteor shower last week and here’s a great shot (taken by Jack Fusco) of a “speeder” over Maurice River’s East Point Lighthouse located near the southern tip of New Jersey that’s completely bananas.



OK, so things are happening as I go and the guy who runs the Puffin Tours, Andy Patterson,  also does the Mac work at a number of the area schools and he’s trying to help me with this.  Thanks Andy.  Other news includes the fact that it snowed here last night, about ¾ of an inch, which is nice on the rocks, and has snowed on and off throughout the morning, albeit without any accumulation.  Just pretty to watch, along with a building sea.  The only guys out today are a couple of scallopers and a couple of urchin divers.  It’s clear from the chat on the VHF radio that they probably won’t stay out long.

Kathy, Tim and I took the Ilsa Lund out of the water for the winter, and to repair the hole in her port side, which turns out to be a substantial breach of structural integrity.  We have been advised to think of declaring her a “total loss”, which is not something I want to do as I have developed something of an emotional attachment to her.  Below is a pic of her on the beach in the harbor, and another of the new “Hardy Boys” boat, a 14’ StarCraft, now home on island with the new 8hp engine.  This will be interesting.





I will post another Journal entry asap but am swamped with trying to get the new stove out to the island, and the winch, and a whole bunch of other stuff.  These are some snaps I took the day before yesterday when I went to the Post Office.


And here are some from Norb’s Wharf.  I am deeply saddened to report that Norb’s wife Celia passed away entirely unexpectedly over the weekend.  I ask that you might share with me in sending some prayers that way, for him, and their children Christina and Nick.  God Bless and… not so Good Enuf.





8 Responses to “Day 95 – Tuesday, January 10, 2012”

  1. Joan Jellison says:

    Good to see you back on here, Bill. You mentioned something about a new stove? That would be nice. You have had so much problems with the other one. Are you keeping your water pipes flowing? I think once you get everything winterized you will be a lot more comfy, but I suppose that won’t happen until about Spring as the rule goes. To bad you can’t get the walls insulated. Little by little. Didn’t have such things when the house was built.
    Take care . From the wrong coast.

  2. As always, enjoyed the blog. Without leaving Hatteras Island, I found myself in the most mystical of places…Little River Island, Maine. Thank you for the journey.

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      that’s my job and i’m privileged to share. i had sometime ago been trying to do some work for down east magazine and told them their pitch should be “we bring you to maine”, not “we bring maine to you”. they didn’t get it but that’s what i’m trying to do here. thanks dawn.

  3. Evelyn L Hery says:

    My heart goes out to the Norb family for their great loss. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

  4. Sue Story says:

    Billy, I am enjoying your journal. It was fun Skyping with you right before Christmas, when we were all at Katie’s house in California. Hope your heating stove is working, as I think you might be having some snow and cold weather.
    Cousin Susi

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      thanks so much cuz. so glad you’re enjoying sharing in this adventure. stove is great and the snow is incredible. lots of love and stay in touch. xo billy


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