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The Mission

“The Lighthouse Endeavor” is an Education and Preservation project that depends upon the residency of a single individual, attempting to be the first in the 164 year history of the most northeastern island lighthouse in the United States, to live alone for one year, for the sole purpose of creating a unique platform of on-site and distance-learning programming.  This will address a wide range of subjects from math and science to ecology and preservation, be universally accessible to educators, organizations and the public, provide a multimedia chronicle of his daily life on this remote island, and raise awareness and funding for the ongoing preservation of this lighthouse, and other lighthouses around the world.


3 Responses to “The Mission”

  1. Rill Goodman Sivori says:

    Hello to my old friend Bill’s son,
    As much as I have seen, your project is daunting but with your spirit will succeed.
    Anxious to find out more.
    Rill Sivori in California: met your father in NJ ions ago.

    • Bill Kitchen says:

      hi rill. thanks so very much, and sorry for the delay. i told my day about your reaching out and he’s going to do the same. pretty funny.
      yes, daunting to say the least, and it has become more so. but it’s emails like this that make it better. btw, how did you hear about this and how did you know my dad?
      thanks rill. you can also email me at or
      happy holidays.

      • Bill Kitchen says:

        talked to my dad today and i now understand who you are. how very cool that you guys got back in touch.
        i hope you’re staying in touch with him.


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