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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Just posting a couple of pics today.  Some of the SuperMoon, and post-SuperMoon.  Others of just stuff from yesterday and today.  I am curious to know what stories, memories, or thoughts you might attach to them.  I am asking you to pick a snap, and then write something.    One sentence.  A few sentences, or a paragraph… or more if you wish.








Two more…








Light’s On.


6 Responses to “Wednesday, May 9, 2012”

  1. Carole says:

    The first picture of the sunset? My heart went to Pt. Judith in RI and special places on the Maine Coast in looking at it. The other pictures did not grab me and pull me in to them.

  2. The chains…

    Reminds me of the chain link gate on the Hatteras/Ocracoke Ferries. Which in turn reminds me of all the wonderful memories made on Ocracoke Island and seeing the lights of Hatteras Village reflecting upon the water at night on my return trip home.

  3. Mary Kennedy says:

    The sunset reminds me of a time that I was on St. Simons Island, and where the sun is streaming across the water, a sailboat was in that stream, when I took the photo. I love the flower photo, don’t think that we have them here !!!

  4. John Drouin says:

    SUNRISE…(sorry folks, that is the sun rising not setting) Best time of the day!!
    Chain…Best insurance policy for my boat!
    Bait totes…The place to store my change in order to make my dollars!!
    CLEAR Moon…end of a perfect day!

  5. Deb and Grace says:

    The Maine sunset photo. Reminds me of my vacations in Maine, each evening looking at that sunset and thinking, “This is where I am meant to be”.


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